Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gloomy Weather

Wet and disagreeable. The phrase to describe the weather was found in the Lewis & Clark expedition journals while they were encamped near the Oregon coast in the winter of 1805-1806. It is a fitting phrase for the weather here in recent days. Monday was all rain, Tuesday and Wednesday gave us hit and run rainfall.

This shot was taken on Tuesday morning. It is a different angle for Lansdowne Park from what I've shown here before,  taken from the slope above the south side of the Rideau Canal. This gives you a sense of perspective on where the Aberdeen Pavilion stands in relation to the stadium.


  1. Well, the picture turned out nicely. We went on garden tours today in spite of rain being forecast. All that fell was a few drops so I'm glad we went.

  2. We've had a lot of rain and gloom here too. Makes it hard to do my food photography! Anyway, nice shot!

  3. I love this rainy and gloomy photo!

  4. That is near , the old ottawa south, right ?


  5. Great atmosphere shot, I can feel L & C presence

  6. I don't like rain but on a photo I can cope with it.

  7. Oh, I love the idea of incorporating the journals of explorers into contemporary writing.


  8. William, looks like you found a fence in the photo as well. Overcast skies to us in Texas means lower temps for a while yet.

  9. We had the hit and run's now snow.
    Enough said.
    Jane x

  10. The setting looks perfect for the wonderful pavilion!

  11. Nicely composed photo. Hope you get your sunshine soon.

  12. somehow that phrase just makes me smile. it is wet, but i'd not say disagreeable to rain, ever. :)

  13. @Linda: it'll still be a couple of weeks or so before gardens really start to show here, but there are some early flowers coming up.

    @Krisztina: thanks!

    @Linda: it is quite atmospheric.

    @Tomas: in fact, where I was standing is in the neighbhourhood Old Ottawa South. The other side of the canal is the Glebe. Old Ottawa South refers to the area between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River from north to south, and from Bronson Avenue on the west to a spot on the east side that's a bit fuzzy. It's my neighbourhood.

    @Geoff: their story is one that appeals to me tremendously, and that phrase has been quite apt in recent days.

    @Marianne: I must be part cat. I don't like being out in rain.

    @Janis: the Corps of Discovery is a great story, and I don't mind weaving that sort of thing into a post. One day I'd love to follow their trail.

    @Linda: yes, there is a fence! On occasion cars lose control on the parkways and go through those railings.

    @Jane and Chris: it's cold enough here today for snow, but thus far this morning, no precipitation.

    @Jose: I've always liked the angle from this stretch of road.

    @Denise: I hope so. Mostly overcast this morning thus far.

    @Tex: it's a phrase I like too.

  14. Wet and disagreeable.. j'adore this description of the weather and you can be sure I'll use it often through our coming winter.. Merci beaucoup William :)

  15. YEP, crazy weather, William! We had a dusting of snow.

  16. You could always fly down to Florida for a couple of days - get your fill of heat, sunshine and humidity and then Ottawa might not seem so bad! :) I do remember, though, how in Minnesota we'd get crappy weather this time of year and I hated it!

  17. Isn't that interesting!
    We came back from the doctor feeling much the same dreary feelings. Cold, too.

  18. After a few glorious sunny days, it is wet and disagreeable also here in Florence...

  19. I don't like that grey and wet weather, but for photos it ain't bad at all, like in your shot.
    We were so lucky to have nice sunny weather this week.

  20. Late spring, rain! We put up with a lot of lousy weather this year.

  21. disagreeable ... Lewis & Clark - they are a pair I would enjoy meeting - way cool i bet. such character. hope you will have some sunshine soon. we are having sunshine but it is so darn cold. i am not understanding it. i cleaned the deck today to get it ready for staining purposes - & about froze my tail-feathers off. so cold. ( :

  22. Oh, well. At least it's not snow!

  23. I'll trade you that for the snow we've had.

  24. Lovely image, anyway I hope you will get soon the warmer day.

  25. Yesterday we had all 4 seasons in one day here! Warmer by the weekend they say - who are they?

  26. @Grace: you're welcome!

    @MB: William Clark would agree with me!

    @EG: it's been below zero here most of the day. No snow yet.

    @Lowell: but I don't like heat!

    @Jennifer: that cold rain gets into everything.

    @VP: it's been mostly overcast all day, but no precipitation. If it comes, I'd rather see snow.

    @Jan: we had a lot of sun last week. We're paying for it this week.

    @Red: it's been a curious spring thus far.

    @Beth: I think I'd get along quite well with Clark in particular.

    @Norma: but snow would be good.

    @Whisk: deal!

    @Orvokki: we shall see.

    @RedPat: "they" being David Phillips and his minions at Environment Canada!

    1. :-) Thanks goodness I found someone to take it.
      You know, I also love winter but now I want to
      garden and see spring.

      Happy New Week!

  27. Well, writing you from Seattle, I get the rain part. Will be traveling to Montreal on Tuesday for a week, and I hope there's no rain....or snow... :(

  28. What a lovely spot, even if it is during dreary weather.

  29. Looks like a nice spot for a walk, even in the rain!

  30. It is a prettier scene than your weather description would have led me to expect.

  31. Looks like a beautiful place. I love the rain so I would enjoys a nice walk here!

  32. I would have to agree with Jack.

  33. Great view, beautiful rainy atmosphere!

  34. Nice shot...not so nice looking day. We experienced something similar to that here today but we've at least got more leaves on our trees.

  35. @Pat: this year we could use a good week or two with dry weather. Last week we had a lot of rain and the rivers are at high points.

    @Anita: it's a good perspective.

    @Meradeth: thank you.

    @Jack: thanks!

    @Helen: I wish it would rain between midnight and six in the morning, but I imagine that would have unforeseen consequences.

    @Randy: thanks.

    @Pietro and Cynthia: thank you.

    @Kay: we have days like that.

    @Peter: we get our share.

    @Cheryl: thank you.

    @Jen: thanks.