Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Work Does Not Go Slowly

In March I showed you this site in the downtown core across from Dundonald Park. This photo from yesterday shows progress being made, with a frame up in the place of the original store that occupied this place. Spring is starting to show itself slowly in the colour of the grass. When I last featured this park, there was snow on the ground.


  1. Progress indeed William ... I guess the warmer weather elliminates those stop & start annoyances. Good to see patches of green.

  2. Nice to see things happening in your town, Wm

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  3. It's amazing how fast things move in N. America. There are projects going on here that will probably not be finished in 10 years!

    1. In 10 years, H, this place could itself be history. :-)

  4. The workers will be glad it's springtime too, I think.

  5. It's coming along nicely William.. the weather helps such a lot in the progress of how fast things move in the building trade.

  6. Already the joy begins to flourish. Now come some party first of month that warmed the atmosphere.


  7. Nice to see the greening of the grass!

  8. It's amazing how quickly buildings go up once construction starts.

  9. Spring... also a green bench now :)
    Love the contrast with the red car.

  10. I suppose as the weather warms the work speeds up. Glad to know spring is finally arriving in Ottawa!

  11. @Dianne: I expect it'll be done around summer.

    @Cloudia: it doesn't hurt to document the progress when I'm in the area.

    @Miklos: it took long enough for winter to end, and we still had snow some days ago.

    @Whisk: yes, I still wouldn't be surprised if we get a bit more snow.

    @Halcyon: fortunately this is a rather small scale project. I think the entire frame is up. If it was meant to be any taller, the foundation hole would have gone deeper.

    @Revrunner: that is true.

    @Jan: better not to work in the cold for them.

    @Grace: and generally speaking the weather's been good to them.

    @Tomas: we shall see.

    @EG: it really took awhile this time out.

    @Luis: I think after the amount of time that the site was idle, they're eager to get the structure put up.

    @Sharon: I'll keep an eye on its progress.

    @Karl: yes, there's actually no shortage of benches in that park. It's a pleasant area.

    @Lowell: it took quite awhile!

    @Tex: not quite that fast!

  12. It is completely different here: everything moves so slowly...

  13. What a difference a little grass makes! And the skeleton of the new building helps change things, too!

  14. Ottawa has strict zoning regulations . This limits what the replacement will be like so that it fits in with the location.

  15. I've noticed the grass greening this week too.

  16. It's good to see Canada is occasionally green!

  17. good to see planning restrictions are being enforced

  18. The size seems to fit with the building next door at least. I like that.

  19. not sure what I would do if you showed photos with snow on them now!!!!

  20. It is amazing how fast these structures can be built.

  21. @Eve: thanks!

    @VP: in this case, this moves quickly.

    @Cheryl: a month's time makes quite a difference.

    @Red: some developers look at zoning limits as mere suggestions, but in this case, given the size of the foundation, it can't be anything bigger than what the frame already is.

    @RedPat: and the little flowers of spring are finally showing up.

    @Norma: yes, until winter returns again in August.

    @Marleen: in some ways more than others!

    @Peter: in this case, definitely.

    @Hamilton: yes, it won't overwhelm it.

    @Gill: strangely, there is still snow in the Canal in places where the sun doesn't really show up much.

    @Denise: given enough effort, the work goes quickly.

  22. can't wait to see what happens next? please keep us informed. i am curious. ( :

  23. The work looks like the seasons do: ready to move and do it quickly!

  24. The work will move faster now that spring has arrived.

  25. It's like our new theater which finally opens on Friday.

  26. I like seeing new buildings going up! I documented a build in Bala, for Habitat. It was fun !

  27. Nice to see progress coming with spring.

  28. Glad your spring is coming. We're actually having a spring in Florida.

  29. @Beth: I really have to check posts more often! I seem to always leave a few left off.

    @Kay: in this case, the summer's been good for this site in terms of working and progress.

    @Mari: it moved quickly.

    @Randy: when they get their minds to it, the work can go quickly.

    @Jennifer: some projects here seem endless. There's a development called Gotham condos a few blocks from here that seems stalled forever.

    @Carolann: thank you!

    @Shelly: and now we're having a real summer.