Friday, April 10, 2015

The Ministry Of Silly Walks

Someone in the association of shops making up the Sparks Street pedestrian mall has a sense of humour, and an appreciation for Monty Python. I wonder if any of the Pythons know about this.

This signage is in an appropriate spot- one block south of Wellington Street and Parliament Hill. I don't imagine the Dark Lord in the Prime Minister's Office would appreciate the insinuation, but I doubt that paranoid lunatic has ever laughed in his life (hi, Stevie!)


  1. I can see John Cleese laughing...I sure am, love this! :)

  2. Well, that's a sign I've never seen before!

  3. Bravo! I love it!! I wish this would start a movement.

  4. It does not look to who has given your kick. :=).


  5. Hih ... The city needs a little humor.
    This is fantastic sign.

  6. that would be a different way to walk across a pedestrian crossing :) neat sign :)

  7. Python Forever!

    Don't let today be governed by yesterday's issues or tomorrow's worries. Start each new day on the right foot, expect the best!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  8. Mr. Harper probably wouldn't even crack a smile for this. But I think it's hilarious!

  9. Good one. John Cleese knows about it as I just tweeted your post to him.

  10. LOve it! Actually saw a person wearing a bowler hat today .. but walking normally.

  11. now that is new to me. hilarious!! ( :

  12. Oh this is so funny, I remember that scene on television so well. We use the phrase sometimes when we see someone odd...

  13. That's absolutely a great sign, and I think it will have a positive effect on drivers. For me it would have that effect anyway, I love Monty Python!

  14. Looks like your Sens are in. My Bruins fading fast.

  15. How funny. It would certainly make you do a double take when you looked up at the sign.

  16. I love Monty Python. I love a sense of humor. Sign kills laughter.

    (Increasingly, I happen to see the absurdity in the world that a group of Monty Python could use in their skits.)

  17. @Linda: the Pythons are very much to my sense of humour!

    @Linda: I can't recall when they put it up, but it has been there awhile now.

    @Kay: I still find it astonishing that it's that close to the Hill, and we haven't heard so much as a peep out of the Control Freak.

    @Tomas: watch the video in that link!

    @Orvokki: it works to my sense of humour!

    @Jen: once you know it's there, it's something you end up always looking at.

    @Cloudia: good advice!

    @Halcyon: I find myself wondering if the PM is a robot.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Stefan: that's one I hadn't thought of! I do follow one or two of the Pythons on Twitter.

    @Karl: I definitely think so.

    @Revrunner: very much so!

  18. @Peter: bowler hats do look quite distinctive!

    @Beth: I figured adding in the video link would be a good idea.

    @Marianne: it's one of their best sketches.

    @Gill: very different!

    @Luis: thanks!

    @Jan: their ending to The Holy Grail is the best (and most frustrating) movie ending ever.

    @Jane and Chris: thanks!

    @Birdman: it's been a four team horse race to the finish, and one game left to go, but the Sens have been in the last third of the season playing as one of the best in the league.

    @Linda: I get a real kick out of it.

    @Tex: thank you!

    @Mariusz: absurd humour is something I really go for.

    @Sharon: thanks!

    @VP: that's one way to put it!

  19. I see the link and I have to say, "Is this for real?" YEs, we have a large population of complete idiots on a certain hill.

  20. That is wonderful! John Cheese would approve.

  21. I love the Pythons as well, William, especially John Cleese. I also loved him in Fawlty Towers, what a scream. I think we Canadians understand and appreciate the British sense of humour well because we are more absorbed in it. Fun stuff, thanks for the laughs. :)

  22. @Red: chief among them being Stevie, of course, unless he gets taken down by Senator Duffy in that trial. Which reminds me, I should photograph the media circus.

    @MB: me too!

    @Eve: I hope so!

    @Tamago: thanks!

    @Linda: we do share that sense of humour!

  23. You made me laugh with your commentary! Love the signs.

  24. There will be dancing in the streets!

  25. Fab sign. Made me chuckle.

  26. Now that brought me a real big smile. Thank you for that :)

  27. Brilliant. I wonder if his inspiration is Clet Abraham!

  28. @Meradeth: thanks!

    @Jose: they stand out so well here.

    @RedPat: the sooner the lunatic is out of office, the better.

    @Carolann: thank you!

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Loire: thanks!

    @Ciel: having had looked around at the term today, I can see the resemblance!

    @Cheryl: thank you!

  29. Definitely unlike any city sign I have seen before. Great humor.

  30. Great way to slide into the weekend, with humor!

    Have a great weekend, William!


  31. I like the blue. Our signs here are so boring.

  32. I love it! I havne't been downtown for ages. Well, other than to the hospital!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  33. Very funny and very funky and I think I'd find this a great place to shop!

  34. I like those signs--I wish we had them here!

  35. I love this! Absolutely hilarious! (I wonder how many people get the joke!)

  36. @Geoff: I find myself wondering if these can be bought!

    @Mari: and all the more so given the political climate here.

    @Randy: I wonder how Congress would respond to one of these down the street.

    @Janis: thanks!

    @Judy: thank you!

    @Whisk: this one stands out.

    @Jennifer: I'll be downtown frequently.

    @EG: it is just the right location, too.

    @Lowell: there's a shop on the other side of the street that's a pretty good one.

    @Norma: they'd be fitting around a city hall too.

    @Jack: I certainly do think so!

    @Tamera: most people, but I figured it was a good idea to include the video link too.

  37. Good to see a touch of humor on signs ... not common !

  38. The humour needs no words. Such an obvious connection with John Cleese is priceless.

    1. It is. I wonder what's become of the sign. At some point it was taken down.