Friday, August 7, 2015

Vengeance Of The Dark Lord

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies." ~ Groucho Marx

"A fool and his money are soon elected." ~ Will Rogers

"Release the Kraken! Um, I mean... unleash the election!" ~ Stephen Harper

"And a great wail rose up through the land as the people learned the election would be twice its normal length. Lo, there would be weeks on end of attack ads, posters and billboards, politicians kissing infants, and no respite, and the people of the North were in anguish and dismay and given to rolling their eyes in exasperation. And it was said in those days that at least this time, the prospect of the Dark Lord falling from his throne might be in the offing, and lo, did they say that was at least some compensation..." ~ From The Book Of Kendall, Chapter 56 Verse 14

Today I'm in a bit of a ranting mood. I just thought you should know in advance, and I'll be starting with Colonel By Day photos tomorrow. Incidentally, I'm planning on continuing to rant (if I can get the thing written) over at my writer's blog for tomorrow. Now then these are shots of the Langevin Block, the only Parliament building that is not actually part of the Parliamentary precinct, as it sits across the street. It also houses the offices of the Prime Minister and his staff, often termed derisively as the Short Pants Brigade. One would not think from looking at it that it's the Canadian equivalent to Mount Doom, nor that the Eye of Sauron can be found inside.

Yes, the Prime Minister, otherwise known as the Dark Lord, Darth Harper, or Stevie. Last Sunday the Dark Lord dropped the writ and set off an election campaign. Instead of the customary five or six week campaign,  we have eleven endless weeks of this nonsense. I can hear my American readers ask themselves how eleven weeks could be endless when they're used to pundits already speculating on who'll be running in four years the day after a Presidential election.

Well, let's just say that in the nine years he's been in power, Darth Harper has essentially been in campaign mode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unleashing attack ads against his opponents and sending out endless amounts of propaganda stroking his own ego. So it already seems endless. We will be dealing with this until the 19th of October, when I deeply hope the reign of terror of the Harper Cabal is brought to an end once and for all.

What we in Canada have had to deal with for nine years is a man who, frankly, is a sociopath by any definition, a prime minister totally lacking in humanity or empathy, driven only by pettiness, vindictiveness, and the desire to wipe out political opposition and demonize anyone who disagrees with him.

He has muzzled government scientists, attacked the public service, treated the National Capital with contempt repeatedly, picked fights with the Supreme Court, treated veterans like garbage, is driving our economy into the ground, and has ended up being the most secretive, unaccountable prime minister this country has ever seen (after campaigning on promises of accountability, among other things). This man is so driven by vindictive hatred that he has long since outdone Nixon in terms of being bent on revenge.

Let the games begin, as they say. This hyper-partisan right wing ideologue double dealing miserable bastard has shredded the country's reputation and wrecked incalculable havoc to our institutions. It'll take years to fix the damage he's done. And despite what his supporters might say, not everyone opposed to him is a left winger or a liberal. I'm a conservative, a Red Tory, absolutely disgusted by the Conservatives in their neo-con status quo, and unable to vote that way. At this rate, I'll be voting for other parties for the rest of my days. 

I love my country. I hate what this miserable, vengeful, inadequate excuse for a man is doing to it.

Is it obvious I don't like Stevie?

I leave off with this. If the Dark Lord or his Short Pants Brigade should happen to see this, well boys (and let's face it, you're all boys, because we already know Stevie's view of women would have them all in the kitchen), from the bottom of my heart, a middle finger extended at you. Wait, I'll make it two middle fingers.


  1. I do enjoy your rants. I especially like your last meme.
    You can't trust anyone who likes Nickelback!

    1. Why do I hear about so many hatin' on Nickelback?

  2. It is definitely obvious and clear you don't like Stevie! :)

  3. Think it's obvious if you all hate him that much get rid of him. Easier said that done after all we still have Camoron

  4. Are you sure you are not writing about Italy?

  5. Nice shots and quite a text. Actually I don't know anything about Canadian politics, but I think Groucho Marx said it quite clear about politics in general.

  6. It's hard to understand all your text, so only what I can say is that the buildning is really beautiful.
    Have a happy weekend

  7. I can hardly keep up with US politics. I know I should work harder at following politics in all of North America. It looks like you will help with this matter!


  8. Come on, Darth Harper...your days are numbered!
    Jane x

  9. What a text, William, and my son is excited about Canada...

  10. Come on, tell us how you REALLY feel. Voldemort lives!

  11. i hope for your mental health, he is not re-elected. :)

  12. Election time seems the same wherever you live :). I have tried emailing you but I seem to be having a problem with the address. I wanted to tell you I had changed the blogroll plug-in on Loire Daily Photo. Maybe it's working better now. Sorry to post about it here.

  13. @Halcyon: ranting's good for the soul.

    @Whisk: but Nickelback deserves it!

    @Linda: the day he's out of office will be a great day. It doesn't matter who beats him, just as long as he's beaten.

    @Bill: Cameron must get along famously with him. Maggie Thatcher would have loved Harper's world view.

    @VP: some of the same problems around the world!

    @Jan: Groucho was very wise!

    @Orvokki: I should really move my translation app, it's not that noticeable where it is.

    @Janis: if the election goes the right way, October 20th will be a relief.

    1. Why do they deserve it? Did they do something horrible? I totally confused by this one.

  14. @Gnome: thank you!

    @Jane and Chris: given that many of his cabinet ministers are jumping ship, I would hope so.

    @Karl: thank you!

    @Birdman: Voldemort would have at least one or two scruples!

    @Sharon: thanks!

    @Tex: I hope so too! Four more years of this insufferable prick is unacceptable.

    @Loire: I'll have a look- there's been no change from my side of things, but I'll try something out and see if that works. One of my email accounts has been a little squirrely as of late.

  15. Nice seeing all the Canadian flags! :)

  16. May the 19th of October come quickly and you get what you want. This was a very good rant.

  17. Why am I smiling? I enjoyed your rant. ;)

  18. At least you have the freedom to rant. Over here we do so at a big risk! Happy weekend!

  19. I have stopped reading about the election already! God knows what we will have on Oct 20!

  20. It shows, William. Like a neon sign!

  21. don't even get me started...........totally stupid to call an election this soon!!

  22. What? You don't like Stevie?

    I wish we only had eleven weeks to get through till the election. Sigh.

  23. Love your pics. And it sounds like you' really describing Obama and Cameron.

  24. I'm afraid I don't know anything about Canadian politics, I'm pleased you go that lot of your chest though..

  25. I love your rants. Just keep 'em coming.

  26. @Linda: that it is.

    @Denise: thanks!

    @EG: thank you!

    @Nancy: here it seems if he had his way, we won't.

    @RedPat: it's going to be a long campaign!

    @Norma: it really does!

    @Cloudia: I hope.

    @Gill: it really is.

    @Cheryl: yours seem interminable!

    @Shelly: well, I actually like Obama.

    @Geoff: it was good to vent.

    @Ciel: thanks!

  27. i enjoy all the Canadian flags. i wish for some good syrup. it's the simple things you know. have a nice weekend!! ( :

  28. You and I both agree on this one. I wish other people would see the light. I wish more people would vote.

  29. I think we share similar vindictive thoughts about our Chief Bull who feels that politics is a platform, the means of demonising, demeaning and destroying all respect for life in his path. Rant on. I empathise.

  30. Rant away. I would welcome but eleven weeks of electioneering. As for our leader, he keeps saying the economy is better. Hah! Not from what I see. More and more stores close here and in the Coachella Valley. The latter is supposed to be a rich man's place. Double hah. See you have me started. The congress (both sides) are busy wrecking everything else.

  31. Love the Groucho Marx quote.
    I can only add that the U.S. is still recovering from Bush 2...and there apparently are loads of people enamored of Donald Trump. Lord help North America!

  32. Your description of the Dark Lord could, with minor adjustment, fit each of the wannabees riding in the Republican clown car as it wends it's way into the future of bleakness!

  33. @Whisk: they've got a long standing reputation for being cheesy!

    @Beth: maple syrup is one of life's great pleasures!

    @Red: this coming election's going to be the most important one this country sees.

    @Gemma: and yet supporters of politicians like this see no danger at all in the idea of annihilating political opponents instead of debating them.

    @Mari: American election campaigns do seem interminable.

    @Kay: and with Trump around, suddenly Bush 3 looks not that unreasonable. I often say- this is what's become of the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower?

    @Lowell: oh, yes!

  34. Of the three taboo topics, I try to keep politics and religion out of my blog. Sex? What's wrong with sex?