Sunday, September 13, 2015

Into New Edinburgh

New Edinburgh is an affluent neighbourhood on the east side of the Rideau River, founded by Thomas McKay, a Scottish stonemason and entrepreneur who was involved in the building of the Rideau Canal. He bought a great deal of land here and created a village in the name of his native Edinburgh. It is home to a number of embassies, ambassadorial residences, Rideau Hall, and the lair of the Dark Lord (otherwise known as 24 Sussex Drive), where the Prime Minister lives.

This old schoolhouse dates back to 1837. Today it's home to offices. The place is also very close to an embassy I'll show you tomorrow.

A short walk up the street is a plaque in McKay's name.


  1. McKay developed a rather high end subdivision. Some of these building show quality and character.

  2. He went down in history, without realizing it.


  3. It is a very beautiful stone building.

  4. So when is the last time you remember elocution being taught in school? :-)

  5. A lovely structure and the stonework is what makes it for me.

  6. I like that stone house, it doesn't look su much as a school in my opinion.

  7. That lovely old house wouldn't look out of place in old Edinburgh William!

  8. I agree with Marianne. I would never think school when I saw it.

  9. They don't build homes like that today!


  10. Amazing that it is in such good condition, considering its age! Looks like a lovely neighborhood...well, except for the "lair of the dark Lord." Heh, heh.

  11. What a lovely building. I would never have guessed it was a school.

  12. @Red: wait til you see Rideau Hall!

    @Linda: it really caught my eye, so I wanted to photograph it.

    @Tomas: a lot in this area comes out of his influence.

    @Nancy: they built them to really last, back in the day.

    @Revrunner: not these days!

    @Denise: me too. It reminds me of places I've known in my life.

    @Marianne: I was surprised when I read the plaques- I would have thought it originally a home.

    @Grace: it would fit in there!

  13. @Janey: I've seen some period schoolhouses here that looked more like you'd expect. This one does not.

    @Tex: I certainly thought so!

    @Janis: they definitely do not.

    @Geoff: it has a lot of character, I think.

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Lowell: hopefully in a month and a week we'll be rid of him.

    @Jan: it certainly does look much more like a house of the time.

    @VP: I thought so too!

  14. Hello William. Having time out to look and comment as I have a slipped disk. So I am sort of settled to my computer chair for awhile. Ouch!

    What a Historic school. A beauty.

  15. I love touring with you, William


  16. That old schoolhouse is wonderful.

  17. I just love it when there is a sign next to something I am photographing. Really helpful.

  18. It definitely looks like it should be in Scotland.

  19. @Carolann: get some rest!

    @Birdman: I think so!

    @Cloudia: thank you.

    @Sharon: I agree!

    @Lauren: I do tend to photograph the signs too, even if I don't post them.

    @Norma: it certainly does!

  20. An interesting history of this area which I didn't know was called New Edinburgh. The school house is beautiful and I always admire the stone homes in Ontario.

  21. The old schoolhouse is very lovely. I would prefer to have larger windows, but it must make a great office building!

  22. Olá William
    É sempre um prazer admirar fotos tão belas e através dos seus relatos agregar novos conhecimentos. A casa da escola é magnífica
    Uma semana de paz e sorrisos

  23. Definitely a small piece of Scotland there he brought with him . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  24. I love old schoolhouses! Just think of the museum that could be.

  25. What a sweet looking building! It's a real classic!

  26. I like the looks of this place and would love to see the interior.

  27. No shortage of plaques! I admire the charm of the building though.

  28. They look so much like the buildings in Perth!

  29. @Pamela: it's a lovely neighbourhood.

    @Tamago: I would think so.

    @Gracita: thanks!

    @Country Gal: that's what he knew.

    @Mari: I think the nearest museums to this neighbourhood would be the Bytown and the Aviation Museums.

    @Kay: it certainly is.

    @Orvokki: I think so!

    @Tanya: so do I.

    @EG: I would too.

    @Whisk: definitely.

    @Linda: I do as well.

    @Jennifer: you wonder if some of the same builders worked on them.