Saturday, March 12, 2016

Two Bridges

Returning to the Rideau Canal today, I have two bridges, photographed on the last day of Winterlude. This is the Pretoria Bridge, which I've shown before. I've always liked the style of this lift bridge.

The second bridge is a short walk away. This is where an inlet of the Canal starts, at this bridge for one of the parkways that follow the Canal. It's called Patterson Creek, and it's a pretty good spot for skaters who want a quiet area away from larger bodies of skaters. As you can see, at this point in the day the sky was changing; to the east there was still blue sky, while the sky to the west was getting overcast. We were in for a serious snowstorm the following day- I'll have photos of that next week after the Winterlude series is over.


  1. The Creek, and the landscaped park that surrounds it, are surrounded by large houses which are some of the most expensive in Ottawa. ¿ It is true?....


  2. It still looks very wintry in your place. I like that small bridge with the arch.

  3. Nice contrast with your header, William.

  4. Love the blue skies. They make the scene look merrier!


  5. Nice bridges...but love those tulips!!!

  6. @Tex: indeed!

    @Whisk: pretty in these shots, but we're in a thaw now.

    @Tomas: the Glebe area does have some expensive properties.

    @Marianne: I must photograph the small bridge in summer.

    @Hilary: thanks!

    @Revrunner: quite a contrast.

    @Janis: they do!

    @Janey: so do I.

  7. The Pretoria Bridge is a lovely old beauty William. I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing the ice-skaters having fun.. it's going to be so hot again here the next two days :(

  8. I like this on-the-ice series and the two bridges...

  9. So nice to see people skating on the canal. We are feeling so hot and sweaty over here.

  10. You do have spring, summer and autumn up there, right?

  11. It looks like Ottawa looks after it's old bridges. We don't see these styles anymore.

  12. @Grace: I'm not looking forward to summer!

    @VP: the bridges seem to compliment each other!

    @Nancy: we'll get some hot days come summer.

    @Norma: well, apparently so, but who knows? Still a good deal of snow around today.

    @Red: these ones are well cared for.

  13. I love the tulip header! So bright and cheery! Yay, spring!

  14. Fun fun fun---I love to ice skate--I wanna be there.
    Spring ahead for you lovely header.
    Re: your comment on my blog--Napoleon seems to always look worried. Those wrinkles in his brow. LOL

  15. You are a modern day Bruegel. You capture not only the visual, but something of the Canadian soul. Very human and timeless, yet NOW. Nice

  16. Both are nice, I have a slight preference for Pretoria bridge.

  17. @Sharon: they appear well kept up.

    @Jennifer: and yet I'll still be featuring snowy images for awhile!

    @MB: Napoleon's a cutie pie!

    @Cloudia: thank you very much!

    @SRQ: I do too. I'll photograph them again in other weather.

    @Ciel: it's quite a distinctive design. The middle section rises if need be for boats on the Canal.

    @RedPat: we still have a lot of it around, but it is gradually thawing out.

  18. Nice bridges you have there.

  19. Good to see so many skaters on the ice and Patterson Creek looks kinda interesting...

  20. Wonderful shots. I think Mrs Britain would enjoy that skating; me, I'd be happy to watch from somewhere safe, clutching a beer.

  21. Love that bridge over Patterson Creek. It looks like the old time ones that one rarely sees anymore.

  22. Those are awesome looking bridges, and so many wonderful winter shots.

  23. Both of these are beautiful bridges, each classic in its own way.

  24. Nice shots! It's a long long time ago since I skated under a bridge ...

  25. You got good views, thanks to the ice and your hard work.

  26. @Bill: thanks!

    @Geoff: the Canal is quite well used.

    @Mike: I certainly don't skate.

    @Mari: that little bridge is a treasure.

    @Anita: thank you!

    @Kay: thanks!

    @Jan: I get to walk this stretch from time to time. This year, the Canal is now closed.

    @Linda: true!