Tuesday, March 29, 2016

John McCrae And One Last View Of The Falls

Green Island has a number of military monuments set up in the park. The newest one, which I've shown before, is of the warrior poet John McCrae, writer of In Flanders Fields. I liked how the monument was silhouetted against the snow and sky.

Moving over to the west section of the Rideau Falls, I photographed the frozen trees standing nearby, as well as the accumulation of ice on the bridge railing.

The west falls are between Green Island and the National Research Council's property; the facility in the background belongs to the NRC. I took the remaining shots from the lookout beside it.


  1. Marvelous green island !



  2. That looks so beautiful. Your railing image is quite unusual. Like it.

  3. Did you take these gorgeous shots a while back William, so much ice and snow.. is it all gone now?

  4. I am caught by all that ice again. Most of it will have changed back to water again meanwhile, I think ...

  5. Did not realize the author of this poem was Canadian! At one point, I had this poem memorized!

    In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

  6. @Tomas: it is a great spot. If they build a monument to Afghan veterans, it should be here.

    @Lauren: when I saw that ice on the railing I knew it had to be photographed. It was solid to the touch.

    @Grace: yes. These shots like the New Edinburgh shots were all taken on the same day in mid February. The Ottawa and Rideau Rivers are now largely ice free.

    @Jan: most of it. Though if it's in a shady spot on the rocks, it may be there awhile yet.

    @Marianne: it was!

    @Janis: yes. McCrae was born in Guelph, Ontario. I've visited his family plot, and there is a museum there dedicated to him.

  7. I really hope Trump doesn't win the election. Canada is a beautiful place, but I don't think I can handle all the cold, snow and ice!

  8. Whoa! What a contrast with the cherry trees blooming here this past week.

  9. You sure seem to be still in Winter.

  10. Still very cold, and so much snow!

  11. Didn't realize the walkway was so close to the falls. Really must stop in and see that sometime.

  12. An interesting look from another angle. I would think the ice formations change from year to year and maybe even day to day.

  13. @Norma: then you'd have to live in Victoria, BC!

    @Revrunner: here we won't see cherry blossoms until May- though things don't look like this at present, believe me.

    @Stefan: at present, we're in transition. We had a pleasant Saturday and Sunday that did a number melting some of the snow, while rain yesterday. Today it's below freezing again.

    @Karl: yes, but spring is coming- even if at present one still must have a toque to wear through the day.

    @Furry Gnome: it crosses the dam on both channels, so you get a good view of the falls from multiple perspectives. The best view would be from down below on the Ottawa River during the boating season.

    @Red: I expect that's the case.

  14. Absolutely icy, but really spectacular!

  15. Canada is a beautiful place. No wonder many want to migrate to Canada.

  16. It looks like that bridge might be very slick.

  17. I'm sure all that ice is gone now! I hope!

  18. Yup that top shot is great.
    As is the one of the railing.
    I'll just keep on dreamin'...

  19. A LOT of snow and ice! Wishing you SPRING!

  20. @VP: thanks!

    @Nancy: it's a friendly country.

    @Sharon: you'd think so, but I had no problems with slippery conditions as I crossed.

    @RedPat: there's still some ice on the Ottawa River. I was up at Nepean Point on Easter Sunday taking pics, and there's a huge slab near the Ottawa Rowing Club to the east.

    @Ciel: I was surprised by how hard that ice was.

    @Janet: spring is coming, but it's slower than it is down south.

  21. very cool how the snow kind of sticks itself on the most interesting places. so neat!! enjoy your week! ( :

  22. I love statues of people sitting on benches!

  23. The frozen trees certainly make for great pictures...

  24. You know what I think. Love my desert.

  25. @Beth: thanks!

    @Jackie: I have another one in two days by the same artist.

    @Geoff: it does.

    @Linda: thanks!

    @Mari: your days with snow are done.

  26. Pretty snow shots and I like the statue a lot.

  27. Oh, that certainly does look cold!!

  28. After seeing your beautiful photos of the falls, I had to look them up.

  29. @Denise: so do I.

    @Kay: very cold!

    @Genie: they're pretty falls.

    @Linda: indeed.

    @Whisk: y'think?