Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Light In The Afternoon

This large tulip bed in Commissioners Park was a draw for me several times during the festival. It was at its peak on that final weekend.

There are panels around this circular bed of tulips in the park, detailing the background of the Tulip Festival with its roots in World War Two. The tulips this year are a mix of an orange-red one, and the Canada 150 tulip with its distinct white and red look, a tulip created for this anniversary year.

Carrying on along the path took me to other tulip beds.


  1. It would be hard to tire of these gorgeous flower beds. This is such a wonderful urban festival.

  2. Although all fabulous the purple still take top spot for me ☺

  3. ...another color explosion.

  4. And to think all this began back after WWII. Amazing. I like the Canadian tulips!

  5. @Kay: it is indeed!

    @Halcyon: me too.

    @Grace: it is popular.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Tom: indeed.

    @Lowell: it's a good legacy.

  6. I love the last photo, where the tulips look a little more unkempt. They look so happy!


  7. Beautiful, and the purples and yellows blend in beautifully!

  8. Hello, love the various colors and beautiful tulips. Lovely series of photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  9. Spectacular mix of colors. It' surprising how the come up with different colors

  10. I like that Canada tulip. I think I like the two colors together.

  11. Every colour is beautiful. How wonderful if tulips can grow in my garden!

  12. @Janis: that's them at full bloom! They get crowded.

    @Linda: they do indeed.

    @Eileen: thank you.

    @Red: I wonder how it's done.

    @Sharon: they mix well together.

    @Nancy: they're a delight to see.

  13. I hope they keep planting those Canada 150 tulips every year!

  14. The colours are so pretty to see.

  15. So beautiful, love the white and red ones.

  16. aww, Williams days like today I am so thankful for your bloomie views, this is a lovely place to area and see some beauty, thank you for that my friend, thank you! .... lots going on in my hubby's working environment keeping it wild lately ... hoping it will work out for the best. ( ;

  17. Massive carpet of tulips! Do you know how many tulip bulbs have been planted for the Festival?

  18. Beautiful!! I love tulips!

    My post in Photosmusings was the interior of the hotel we've been in this past week in Atlanta Georgia.

  19. @Cloudia: thanks!

    @Carolann: they are.

    @RedPat: I hope so too.

    @Bill: they are indeed.

    @Jenny: me too.

    @Beth: thanks.

    @Klara: yes, over a million a year, at the very least.

    @Chieftess: ah, that explains it. Quite striking!

  20. I sure would like a vase full of any of them!

  21. These Ottawa tulips just go on forever!

  22. mix of pink blue and apricot took my eye.
    Could you name one looney rail journey in Canada that traverses wilderness and stark wide remote areas that are fairly snow covered, the warmer months ...or what months are best for that..not so much the classic forested mountains.

  23. Absolutely fabulous photographs William, thank you for sharing them here.

    All the best Jan

  24. @Janey: they cheer up a home.

    @Lois: definitely.

    @Mari: I agree.

    @Furry Gnome: so it seems!

    @Julia: thank you! Answered over at your blog.

    @Norma: they certainly are.

    @Jan: you're welcome.