Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Hospital

I have a photo post over at my writer's blog today, the first of two parts, about a street festival this past weekend in town called Glowfair. Go and check it out.

My final stop during the Doors Open weekend was the Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital in Lowertown. At that point in the day my camera battery was losing power, so I took several shots of the exterior of the building some days later. This building is named after the founder, a nun who led a mission of the Sisters of Charity to Ottawa from Montreal in 1845. They set up the hospital, schools, and other efforts, making quite a difference in the early development of the city. Today their legacy specializes in long term care.

The hospital was busy when I visited, with numerous specialists talking at tables that had been set up for the occasion about what they do. That included one who pointed out in a visual demonstration with hand cream and a black light device just how careless we tend to be when we wash our hands (let's just say most people, including myself, neglect the top of our hands). This squeeze toy was among the take homes I brought back from the hospital. 

I chatted at length about two people working extensively in speech therapy pathology. One was a therapist, while the other was a technician, and their work often involves patients unable to speak verbally in finding other ways to work around that. This saying caught my eye.

Here are more exterior views of the hospital, including this quiet area. 

This is an exterior view of what I'll be showing you in tomorrow's post. It's the chapel for Mother House, where the Sisters Of Charity are still based out of.


  1. Looks like an attractive place - nice grounds. I hate having a battery go dead. I've taken to carrying an extra in my of the benefits of being a purse carrier.

  2. Sounds like they do important work here.

  3. ...such a stately building, my daughter is a speech therapist.

  4. Hello, sounds like another great open house. I am sure their work is very important there, taking good care of sick people. I went to a Catholic High School run by the Sisters
    of Charity. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  5. i sure do miss him. giggles!! that is hilarious!! i love me some humor!! gorgeous flowers. ( :

  6. If only the nun would be able to see what her efforts brought.

  7. @Kay: I should have taken a charger.

    @Halcyon: they do.

    @Tom: I worked with a therapist when I was a child. I didn't speak until I was four.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Eileen: I imagine it is a common name for religious orders.

    @Beth: it got a laugh out of me!

    @Marleen: she would be proud.

  8. One can feel the great heart of the place and people, William

  9. It is a very nice building.

  10. Excellent details William, it's worth carrying a spare battery, doing so saved me twice last week 😀

  11. Interesting history and good work is still continuing today.

  12. @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Linda: it is!

    @RedPat: definitely.

    @Grace: I'll have to have a charger on hand on Canada Day. I've got a solar pack.

    @Red: it's quite a place!

  13. What an interesting place to visit.

  14. It's a beautiful building and a beautiful story and I'm glad there are people out there who give so much of themselves to help others in need. Thanks for these great photos. And hey, you got a squeeze toy to work when you with news from the US in the evenings.

  15. That hospital looks very much like the one where I've been spending my Fridays lately!

  16. I'm glad they weren't so busy that they couldn't have an open house there.

  17. A nice building and nice people. They go together to help people who need it. Nice post and photos William.

  18. @Sharon: it is. I regularly pass by it.

    @Lowell: it reminded me of the things they give you when you're donating blood.

    @Norma: hospitals are certainly heavy on your mind! It is well established. The organization actually handles this one and the St. Vincent's location in the Chinatown area.

    @Revrunner: they managed quite well.

    @Bill: thank you!

  19. Long term care is so important. How wonderful that they do it.


  20. You are right. Most people are careless when they wash their hands. The joke set up by the speech therapist was funny.

  21. Therapists do important work for our societes.

  22. So annoying when the charge in the battery goes low ... but you did get some great photographs.
    I always think it nice for hospitals to have a quiet area, and the photographs you show here, it does look a nice area.

    All the best Jan 

  23. @Janis: and they really do such good work.

    @Mari: I got a smile out of seeing my own carelessness.

    @Klara: they definitely do.

    @Jan: I'd better not let low batteries be an issue tomorrow.