Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Festive Morning

Wreaths could be found at the Ottawa Christmas market.

I have been several times over the course of these weekends, and the place has always been busy. During the year, the peak of the regular market is in October when much of the harvest has been done. Over the winter there are less vendors in here, but the market is, with a couple of exceptions, all local. I know of one vendor, for instance, whose farm is out in the Niagara Peninsula, but they're the ones bringing in peaches and other crops that can grow only in that small part of the country, and definitely not around here.

This nativity scene caught my eye.

One of the regular vendors here has an elk ranch. They were decorating for the season at their spot.

I did not catch the name of this cutie.

During the Christmas market, horse drawn wagon rides are offered outside the pavilion. This pair of big fellows are named John and Duke.

I finish off with another look at Santa, who was involved in a photo op with a woman.


  1. I like the look of those biscuits.......

  2. ...William, looks like a fun market, nice crafts and sweet delights.

  3. I would love to visit the market, so many types of nice decorations enjoy and yummy cookies to buy. John and Duke are both handsome horses.

  4. I love that nativity in the hollowed out log. Your posts make it seem as if we are walking along with you!


  5. Hello, I love all the Christmas crafts. I really love the cute nativity scene. The dog and horses are pretty too.
    Happy weekend to you!

  6. @Deb: me too.

    @Tom: I enjoy the market through the year.

    @Nancy: they were formidable horses.

    @Marianne: there is a lot going on.

    @Janis: that's the idea!

  7. Very fine series and great choice of final shot, William. Wishing you a very happy Christmas dear friend!

  8. A wonderful market; reminds me of the European Xmas markets. So much to see and do. Hope your holiday celebration is full of fun and good health and good food!

  9. I'm always amazed at the huge variety of crafts on offer at markets.

  10. I saw lots of things I like in these photos. I love the nativity in the hollow log and I could use one of those wooden Christmas trees.

  11. @Eileen: thanks!

    @Marleen: they are!

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Lowell: I enjoy these. I just went earlier in the morning and picked up a few things as I went along.

    @Red: this one has a lot going on.

    @Sharon: I must have missed the nativity this morning while I was in.

  12. Wonderful items at the market and great photos ~ Delightful 'critter' photos too! Love the doggie and the horses.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year,

    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Caro amigo William
    Que seu natal seja repleto de amor e muita felicidade, porque pessoas especiais como você sempre deverão ser abraçadas pelas coisas boas da vida. Feliz Natal!
    Um abraço com carinho

  14. I like this kind of markets mainly because of the original local products.

  15. I love this market. It has lots of creative and beautiful items to explore, buy or do both.

  16. It looks like a good market and once again I must say that being indoors is a good idea! It has been pretty cold here and they are outside at our Christmas Market!

  17. @Carol: thank you!

    @Gracita: thanks!

    @Jan: this one's heavy on the local producers.

    @Bill: it certainly does!

    @RedPat: it's best in an Ottawa winter to keep indoors for these events!

  18. A delightful Post. I particularly liked the Nativity scene (in a hollowed out log) and the horses.

  19. Oh that Santa Claus is a bit of a flirt! Beautiful Christmas Market. We missed the one in Eugene because we left too early this year. Happy Holidays to you and yours...I’ll be blogging again after New Years.

  20. You know I love markets! The snowmen are my faves! I'd love to make them!

  21. I agree, that nativity scene is gorgeous.

  22. Markets are great.
    I particularly liked the photo's of John and Duke.

    All the best Jan

  23. @Catalyst: indeed!

    @Mari: so did I.

    @Sallie: a flirt indeed!

    @Jennifer: this market is quite fun.

    @Jackie: I think so too.

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Norma: I do too.

    @Klara: that it is.