Sunday, December 31, 2017

Twilight Has Descended Upon The Old Year

It has been my habit to post sunsets on the final day of each year, and so is the case for this New Year's Eve. My first two shots were taken on the same evening, September 22nd, the first day of fall here in the northern hemisphere. I saw the setting sun over the Rideau River at Billings Bridge in this first shot- it was just descending at the horizon when I got this first shot. Two fishermen were out in a shallow part of the river, no doubt in hip waders.

A few minutes later, I'd walked up to cross the Bank Street Bridge over the Rideau Canal to the north, and caught this twilight view.

These two date from the same day in early October, first with the sun set at Central Park in the Glebe.

Later, this was the twilight view looking west from the Garden Of The Provinces And Territories downtown.

I took these two on the same evening in October, coming up along the Ottawa River near the War Museum for this sunset shot before heading off to an event nearby.

The event in question was Miwate, an illumination of the Chaudiere Falls in the midst of the river. This was the final view of twilight while waiting to go in.

This is a view from the Bank Street Bridge over the Canal in late October.

While this one was done in early November.

I took this at the National War Memorial on the evening of November 11th, Remembrance Day, after placing my poppy on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Early in the month when I was in Barrhaven, I was in a shopping area at dusk and took this view looking west. An airplane can be seen at the right on final descent; the airport is east of Barrhaven.

My final sunset shot was taken a few days ago. I headed behind Centre Block on Parliament Hill to take a western view at dusk over the Ottawa River. The dying light of day looked lovely in the frigid conditions as the river continued the process of freezing over. Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful sunsets! Wishing you A Blessed New Year!

  2. Beautiful views William, wish you a very happy New Year!

  3. A wonderful series, William. Happy New Year!

  4. You are doing very well with your comparison photos. Much more is shown by comparison.

  5. @Nancy: thanks!

    @Tom: thank you.

    @Marianne: I am glad to see this year ending.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Red: that is true.

  6. You can never get bored with sunsets each one is unique and different.
    Happy New Year, William!!

  7. You are a painter, William. Happy New Year to You <3

  8. Wonderful habit and beautiful photos
    Happy New Year!

  9. Twilight is the best time of day for photography, I think. And you've proven it! Have a wonderful New Year, William!

  10. Happy New year William. Stay warm tonight!

  11. A beautiful way to end the year. Happy New Year from London.

  12. A beautiful ending to the year. Happy New Year, William!

  13. It's been quite awhile since last I wandered here...Work demands have been horrific recently...But for now, I have some time to wander in blogland...Love your series of skies...So beautiful...Wishing you the very happiest New Year...

  14. It was a year with a nice variety of sunsets in Ottawa.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  15. @Jackie: that is true.

    @Cloudia: thank you.

    @Maywyn: thanks!

    @Sharon: I find it fits a year's end.

    @Lowell: I enjoy twilight. The real kind, not the sparkly vampire one.

    @RedPat: it would have been bloody cold last night. I stayed in, actually.

    @Fun60: thank you!

    @Bill: with that last one I was lucky to arrive when I did.

    @Gemma: thanks!

    @Furry Gnome: I hope it is a good one.

    @Jan: you're welcome.

  16. look serene. love the twilight. so cold here. ( ;

  17. Beautiful series. Ottawa is wonderful. Thank you for sharing photos of your city.

  18. So beautiful.
    My good wishes for 2018.

    All the best Jan