Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lighting Up The National Capital

From early December into early January, Christmas lights dominate downtown locations in the evenings. These are in Major's Hill Park, with the Chateau Laurier looming behind them.

I strolled over to the area around the War Memorial, where the trees were decked out in blues and greens.

This one, taken from the west side, blends the memorial with the Chateau in the background.

On another evening, I stopped to take in a view of the National Arts Centre from the south side, with Christmas lights in the foreground.

Parliament Hill features lights in the bushes along the front lawn. I will be back here tomorrow for a couple of posts to show you what else has been going on in the evenings on the Hill.

Christmas lights are also to be found around City Hall. The 2017 torch sculpture was lit up on the evening I came by.

Across the street in Confederation Park, the lights are different this year- snow globes are suspended in the branches, and shifting coloured floodlights illuminate the trees.

And this is a night view of the Rideau Canal, with the lights beyond the National Arts Centre attracting the eye. The Peace Tower looks like a ghost beyond them.


  1. I love the beautiful lights. Watching these lights is worth walking in the cold, I think...

  2. Que maravilha de iluminações, aproveito para desejar umas Boas Festas e um excelente 2018.
    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  3. Oh very nice! In Amsterdan is also a lightfestival but I haven't been there yet.

  4. @Nancy: and some nights are colder than others!

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marianne: the landmarks look good with them.

    @Tom: they certainly are.

    @Marleen: I agree.

    @Janis: definitely!

  5. They go all out with the lights! Beautiful!

  6. I like how the snow has picked up the blue from the lights in the 5th last photo. Already Christmas seems like a long time ago.

  7. It's beautiful, I can imagine you went back several times.

  8. Great light displays, William ! I would like to be there to see them personally.

  9. Displays like this are so beautiful.

  10. @Cloudia: quite so!

    @RedPat: they do indeed.

    @Red: that blue was coming from the lights on the skating rink on the Hill.

    @Jan: I have passed through the area quite often over the holidays. I live nearby anyway.

    @Karl: they're a delight to see.

    @Sharon: they are!

  11. Love all the lights. I do like the blues

  12. Watching the news on Norwegian TV.... and they just said that Ottawa was probably the coldest city in the world! Wow, keep warm.

  13. I really like the blue lights on the trees. All very Christmassy.

  14. I always enjoy the Christmas / Seasonal lights.
    Great to see your collection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  15. Once upon a time we lived in Ottawa South. My BIL and family lived in Chelsea. I used to love driving across the bridge at night returning from visits to the family. The beautiful lights below were magnificent.

  16. I always enjoy the lights during the holiday season, but you can have this cold weather we are experiencing back!

  17. @MB: we've got a good amount of blues!

    @Gunn: it was cold enough this morning that the Peace Tower's elevator was shut down. I did a tour this afternoon (I wanted to see the Christmas decorations, and that was the only way to get on in without a Peace Tower visit), and by the time it ended, the elevator was back up and running. Last night was incredibly cold.

    @Fun60: thank you!

    @Jan: thanks!

    @Karen: I enjoy getting out to see the colours as opportunity allows.

    @Janey: we're a lot colder here than it is down there, trust me!

  18. Beautiful light displays, very pretty indeed.

  19. Wonderful lights. And you have snow too. How many degrees do you have in Ottawa? Here between 8 and 12 Celsius degrees :-( too warm for winter :-(

  20. Wonderful shots of the night lights ~ !

    Happy New Year to you ^_^

  21. Canadians really know how to celebrate!

  22. love all the blue. night shines are way fun. it was too cold to go out to view them this year though. ( :

  23. @Bill: thanks!

    @Klara: we can get quite cold in winter.

    @Mari: thanks!

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Norma: indeed!

    @Beth: too cold? Is there such a thing?