Saturday, December 16, 2017


The African country of Zambia had a turn in the Ottawa Welcomes The World series. The nation is in the southern part of the continent, with some of its neighbours seemingly always in turmoil, but one rarely hears news out of Zambia itself. One of the people I chatted with here noted that the country is peaceful and stable- hence why it never makes the news. She also said that often it is a place of refuge for those fleeing turmoil in those neighbouring countries, like Zimbabwe or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Zambia is a country with a wealth of natural wonders, set in national parks, with an emphasis on tourism and agriculture. One of those wonders is Victoria Falls, which forms part of its border, and which has its best views in Zambia. There were displays here on the national parks and the Falls, artisan goods, and agricultural crops produced in the nation.

Here we have some of the wildlife in the country.

This eagle, which looked like a bronze, really impressed me.

Elsewhere here were tables of jewelry or displays of richly colourful traditional Zambian clothing.


  1. Another country I don't know enough about! I wonder what it says about us that we hear so little about places and events lacking in strife.

  2. Oh this was super to see William, I lived in Zambia for ten years and loved it, but it did/does have its problems!

  3. Hello, I would like to visit Zambia just to see the wildlife. The clothes look pretty. Have a happy weekend!

  4. It must be a country well worth visiting. Nice photos William!

  5. @Kay: we can be inward looking.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Grace: I didn't know your time in Africa was there.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Marleen: thanks!

  6. Awesome carvings! One wonders why Zambia is a success story and many of their neighbors are a disaster.

  7. It looks like Zambia also has a wide variety of scenery and a wide variety of animals to see.

  8. Yes for me the wildlife is the first attraction associated with Zambia. Thanks!

  9. I really know nothing about Zambia and didn't even realize that the Victoria Falls were there. Makes me feel dumb.

  10. I love the header!
    What a wonderful place to go, if only I loved to travel!!!

  11. The drum with the turquoise feet.


  12. @Red: it is true that some African nations fare better.than others.

    @Sharon: it has a lot.

    @Christine: me too.

    @RedPat: I did know it was there.

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Janis: it is cool.

  13. Great display. Zambia looks like a country really rich in nature!

  14. Most enjoyable photo safari, William

  15. Victoria Falls is awesome. I saw a video on the falls a few years back and it was impressive. Zambia looks like an interesting place to see. Thank you, William.

  16. Too bad it's so far and there is turmoil nearby because it looks gorgeous!

  17. My cousins were stationed in Zambia. Missionaries through the United Church. Not long after, a missionary was killed there. Very difficult part of the world.

  18. The wildlife display will be very interesting.

  19. Wildlife would be first thing, which I would see in Zambia.

  20. @Tamago: I'd like to see it someday.

    @Cloudia: I certainly thought so.

    @Bill: you're welcome.

    @Eve: that it does.

    @Jennifer: it has its challenges.

    @Nancy: I would think so.

    @Klara: me too.

    @Norma: it is eye catching.