Saturday, January 20, 2018


This is one of the entrances heading from the Commons foyer into the space between here and the House of Commons.

Tours go into that space, where you can get views into the House itself. Like the British Parliament, our House of Commons takes green as its decorative motif. The government party sits on the left here, with the opposition parties on the right.

The Speaker of the House sits at the far end, overseeing what can often get argumentative. Public galleries are above the Commons. The Prime Minister sits with his party in the front row, about two thirds of the way down from here. Proceedings are done in English and French, with translators at work transmitting to those MPs who aren't bilingual, something that repeats itself in the Senate.

The tour moved off from here, heading down the Hall Of Honour towards the Library of Parliament. I took opportunities to photograph the particular details as I walked along.


  1. A privilege to be able to visit this beautiful place.

  2. I like how they used the colour green inside.

  3. I like the traditional interior of your House of Commons.

  4. Wow, I've never been inside a House of Commons, so thank you for the tour, William.

  5. Such an interesting place.
    I knew a final JEOPARDY question this week thanks to following your blog.
    The only capital in the world derived from Algonquin. What is Ottawa?


  6. I went on a tour of the Parliament Buildings many years ago, and I'd like to go on another one. I really have to get to Ottawa to have a look round.... I think I last visited Ottawa 20 or more years ago.

  7. Solid and inspiring. something for the us to aspire to!

  8. I sometimes wonder what would be built if they were building parliament buildings today.

  9. @Tom: definitely not!

    @Nancy: it certainly is.

    @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Marianne: it is quite a building.

    @Marleen: it's a good nod to our roots.

    @Jan: it's got a lot of dignity, even if occasionally those who work in there forget!

    @Jo: it's quite the place to visit.

    @Jan: that one would have been easy!

    @Marie: they keep the floors in here well polished, to the point of reflectiveness!

    @Shammickite: if you go, you've got until September before the Centre Block is closed up for the upkeep work for some years.

    @Cloudia: it certainly is.

    @Red: if they ever get around to building another block, as they might do over by the Supreme Court, it would have to be similar to the designs already there.

  10. Glorious details William, looks fabulous from the minute you walk through that wonderful arched entrance!

  11. Beautiful carved stonework around the arched entrance to the House & it is quite similar to the British House of Commons.

  12. Oh my gosh, I love getting this peek into the Canadian Parliament. Thank you very much!

  13. How impressive. Incredibly beautiful and will worth a visit.

  14. what is not to love, so gorgeous, those ceilings ... such amazing details!! ( ;

  15. Very grand and majestic, which is, I suppose, the way a government building should be. I much prefer a parliamentary system but I think the chances of that happening here are less than zero. And I like the podium in the middle which makes it more intimidating to anyone who is giving a speech.

  16. @Grace: it is quite a building.

    @Christine: the system is quite similar. Instead of calling it a House of Lords, we go with Senate, for our upper chamber.

    @Sharon: I enjoy showing it.

    @Lauren: it's quite the place to visit.

    @Beth: there are wonderful details in here.

    @RedPat: me too.

    @Lowell: your system is the ultimate argument in favour of Parliamentary style democracy!

  17. Very impressive views of the inside.

  18. Lovely photos ~ once again ~ see the British influence ~ looks very much like British parliament ~

    Happy Sunday to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  19. So nice to see these William, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  20. The lines are so perfect. There is something warm about that architecture; so unlike the cold, modern lines.

  21. Beautiful settings! I like the looks of the place. I don't suppose it makes any difference if opposing parties face one another or not. Congress here sits in a big semi-circle so I suppose they can avoid looking at other members. It's clear that they certainly never listen, or intend to.

  22. It's a beautiful place William! We've visited the British Parliament, but weirdly have not been to our own Capital. (And now I have no desire to go there, I am so discouraged with it all. I wish we'd gone during Mr Obama's terms in office.)

  23. @Revrunner: thanks!

    @Bill: I think so too.

    @MB: it does indeed.

    @Carol: I see the influences.

    @Norma: I agree.

  24. @Jan: you're welcome.

    @Mari: I agree.

    @Kay: unfortunately that's the case there.

    @Klara: thanks!

    @Sallie: these days the place should be avoided.

    @Jennifer: it definitely is.