Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tower Vantages

With the formal tour over, I got a chance to head up to the viewing platform in the Peace Tower. This view looks off to the east, with the National Gallery and Major's Hill Park prominent. The wooded area you see in the distance is the property around Rideau Hall.

Looking southeast takes in the Connaught Building, the Chateau Laurier, and the Government Conference Centre across the Canal, and the East Block in the foreground.

I looked down upon the skating rink out on the lawn of the Hill, where people were on the ice. The windows here and on the west side had a slightly foggy look- the deep cold of that day had that effect on the glass.

A view to the southwest takes in the West Block.

A panel here has some information on the Tower.

These are views to the west, where much of the Ottawa River is frozen over. A channel of it does tend to stay open through the winter, coming downstream from the Chaudiere Falls. The Supreme Court can be seen along the bluff west of the Parliamentary district.

I finish with a view to the north towards Gatineau. The Library of Parliament is in the foreground. Tomorrow I'll show you the Memorial Chamber.


  1. Some great views from up on that tower.

  2. Lovely view from the viewing platform. Love the last pic!

  3. It is nice to end with a view from afar! In photo #1, it is as if only one building is casting a shadow.


  4. It is always nice to have a birds eye view over the city!

  5. @Bill: it does really offer that!

    @Nancy: thanks, so do I.

    @Tom: it's a great vantage spot.

    @Janis: and the Tower casts quite a shadow.

    @Marianne: that's true.

  6. these views are beautiful! amazing how frozen the river is!

  7. Hello, great views from the tower. Beautiful photos. Have a great day!

  8. Incroyable views from stop the tower William, the view of the river frozen over, apart from the small channel, is an amazing sight to me!

  9. Fantastic views all around! What a great viewing platform!

  10. I really enjoyed this serie, William, great to see Ottawa from above.

  11. Nice touch to end the tour with a panorama of the area.

  12. The views of the frozen river are amazing.

  13. What a view! That looks like a great place to view the city at any time of year.

  14. @Tanya: I've seen people walking on the ice below the Hill, but I would never do that.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Grace: I enjoy getting up here for the view.

    @Christine: thank you!

    @Marie: that's true.

    @Jan: it's a pleasure to show.

    @Red: I thought so!

    @Fun60: they are indeed.

    @Sharon: it really is!

  15. I'd prefer to not be that high up, but you got some terrific photos! Again, I must say, what a great city. So cold, though. Can't imagine skating out in that cold weather!

  16. Great views, William !
    The last one is amazing !

  17. What a great view from the tower! The frozen river looks extra amazing from up there.

  18. very cool shots ... hazy and very mysterious!! nice!! i enjoy the spikey-ness 2! ( ;

  19. Great views. The library roof is wonderful!

  20. You really get a good sense of what the topography is like from up there.

  21. @Lowell: a day or two before I went up, it was cold enough that they actually closed the rink to skaters!

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Tamago: I have to get up in the tower at least twice more before the rehabilitation work commences.

    @Beth: I do as well.

    @RedPat: it definitely is.

    @Revrunner: yes, the landscape on both sides of the river really shows itself well from here.

  22. Last photo is superb ~ delightful wintry scene ~

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  23. Awesome views from the tower, there are truly amazing.

  24. Love that vantage point, especially looking at the skating rink. Is that the one that only open a short time then dismantled and moved away?

  25. So nice to see these spectacular views.

    All the best Jan

  26. Thanks for explaining the blue coloring in different places.

  27. @Carol: thanks!

    @Bill: they certainly are.

    @Jenn: that's the same one.

    @Jan: it definitely is.

    @Mari: you're welcome.

  28. What great views! A wonderful way to see the lay of the land. It looks like it was a brilliant and very cold day.

  29. Nice views from the top deck, William. It’s always nice to get an overview and the higher the better.

  30. I would have to close my eyes. I am not a fan of heights.

  31. I love the view.

    I hear the Ottawa Senators are getting a new stadium.

  32. @Kay: as memory serves it was brutally cold.

    @Beatrice: it is indeed.

    @Jack: I love heights.

    @Jennifer: it is!

    @Klara: definitely!

    @Norma: not according to the latest developments. I think the owner needs to sell the team to someone who's more affable and less disagreeable. Whatever else is going on with the team, he's become a problem.