Thursday, January 18, 2018


A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme for February 1st is Tired.

Something got placed into Confederation Park back in December for a few weeks, recently removed with preparations now underway for Winterlude. Territories is a collaborative work, a metal cube that was placed here. Olivier Roberge came up with the concept and worked on it with Vincent Roy and Mathieu Fecteau, incorporating travel photographs from various photographers. This is what it looked like from the outside, both in day and at night when the tiny specks on its surface were lit up from within.

Within were three scale models of mountainous, snowy environments, with the contrast of those travel photographs of tropical locations placed in various spots as if they're billboards. The concept examined the paradoxes of our Canadian relationship with the weather- we might engage in cold weather conditions like a sleigh ride, a mountain climb, or skating above a frozen waterfall, but we dream of tropical getaways. Well, some of us. My idea of a vacation does not include beaches, margaritas, and suntans.

I mentioned mountain climbing. This close up of the second model seen in the following shot features four climbers making an ascent along the left side. What I didn't notice when I took the first two shots was something further up and on the right side of the couloir, watching the climbers: a mountain lion.

This is the last of the three model sets, which includes skaters on a frozen pond above a frozen waterfall, with a horse drawn sleigh down at the bottom of the hill.


  1. Interesant !
    We got snow yesterday....

  2. Nice to see all the models...

  3. Hello, the miniature models are wonderful. Reminds me a train garden. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. I love this series. It is almost abstract.

    Any ideas for photos with the Feb. theme of "tired" ?


  5. @Orvokki: and we've got plenty of snow already!

    @Tom: miniature indeed!

    @Jene: it is. This was well done.

    @Eileen: I can see that!

    @Janis: it is, yes. I've already got mine set. I'm going for something of an ironic take on it that'll probably get some people irritated with me. :) Try thinking along the lines of something you might be tired of!

  6. I’ve never seen such models before. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a wonderful scale models of the mountains.
    Makes me think of a miniature train track.

    For us no snow today, but a heavy storm over a big part of the Netherlands.

    Finally a personal note: I added a new widget for Google Translate to my weblog, top left.

  8. What a fantastically detailed installation William, enjoyed seeing it very much ☺

  9. This is fascinating! I travel vicariously on the blogs. My daughter just came back from Taipei, I have permission to post some photos from that trip. Very cool!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  10. That's a neat display on our winter. Now I know you just had to take photos of this one as there's so much snow.

  11. Wow, that model is very will done.

  12. @Marie: you're welcome.

    @Jan: it very much felt like a train track!

    @Grace: thank you!

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Red: it certainly caught my attention. I wondered if it would be part of Winterlude, but when I went through the park some days back it was gone. Preparations for Winterlude have started.

    @Sharon: it certainly is.

    @Beth: it is cool.

  13. Intriguing post and photos ~ very contemplative ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Now this is what I class as a well worthwhile art installation & I appreciate all the work that has gone into making it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. How very cool is this - unique for sure! I'd be interested to know what you would like to do on vacation?

  16. I like it! But I also like the idea of a warm weather holiday where you can do much more than sit on a beach - tour local areas on the islands, bird watch, etc.

  17. @Carol: I came to see this several times in the weeks it was there and enjoyed looking at it.

    @Christine: you're welcome.

    @Jenn: it certainly was.

    @Lois: thanks!

    @Lowell: hiking and rock climbing.

    @RedPat: bird watching would be fun!

  18. Hey! At this point in the season, even I'm dreaming of "tropical getaways". :-)

  19. Very cool, I love those models. Great displays!

  20. I wouldn't have expected to find those models looking at the little building from the outside. Very interesting!

  21. Even though they are only models, it looks really cold to me!

  22. Aren't the miniature models wonderful.

    All the best Jan

  23. Models look cool. A lot of work has been done here.

  24. I'll take that beach and the margaritas--I don't have the patience to lie in the sun and bake. The degree of tan I get from being outside for a short time looks like I'm dirty, not tanned!

  25. @Revrunner: I love the winter!

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Kay: yes, it deceives you at a distance.

    @Susie: that's the idea!

    @Jan: that they are.

    @Klara: it feels like an enormous amount of work.

    @Norma: I'd rather have the snow!