Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Churches And Stained Glass Beauty

A note to my fellow bloggers, especially those using Blogger as your template. The last few days have seen repeated instances by one spammer, probably using two or more names, pulling the same Thai spammer routine we saw some months back. Co Coya is one of the names being used (Sam Nang being another), and the method is copying and pasting the comments of others (or text from your own posts) and adding in links, including in what looks like Thai spelling for their spam- which is the same page in both instances. I've seen it in my blog as well as several of yours, as well as another one going by the name Vaiybora and spamming another Thai page with the same technique. I encourage you to delete any comments from them, but also to report their profiles to Blogger as spam. To that spammer (or those spammers), I recommend you do the universe a favour and take a long walk off a short pier.

Today I have three churches, all of the Catholic version, taken on a Sunday in the latter part of March. St. Theresa's is downtown, near City Hall. It was founded in 1929, and is in the Romanesque Revival style, finished in 1933.

The other two are a short walk to the east, beyond the Rideau Canal, in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood, where they are part of the heart of campus at the University of Ottawa. The two churches are closely affiliated. Paroisse Sacre Coeur has a modern looking design. A French speaking parish that dates back to 1889, its current building replaces an earlier one that was destroyed by fire. The building also houses classrooms for the university during the week. A stained glass chapel can be seen to the left of the entrance.

Here we have views from within the chapel.

The last of these churches is St. Joseph's, a progressive Catholic church that neighbours Sacre Coeur. An Anglophone church, St. Joseph's is the root parish of the two, dating back to 1856. The English and French speaking portions of the parish at the time decided on two churches in 1889, hence the existence of Sacre Coeur, but the two churches remain closely linked, physically as neighbours and in terms of ministry. The current building is the third church built for the parish, after the second one was destroyed by fire in 1930. It is in a Neo-Gothic style, something this city has no shortage of.


  1. Two very Catholic churches and one so very modern----has the Pope seen it???--LOL

  2. Very nice churches in very differing stiles

  3. I had the CoCoya a several times too, deleted it and reported it as spam. Very clever from these people ! But not enough for me and you, lol ! Beautiful pictures of the churches !

  4. The churches, and especially the windows, are beautiful. As always, you have a great eye for photographing these beautiful buildings.

  5. ...your first church is the same vintage as a church I photographed yesterday. It's interesting how styles can be similar from place to place. The windows are special.

  6. I love the fact that the stained glass is so modern.


  7. Stained glass is always so beautiful

  8. That stained glass chapel is gorgeous!

  9. @MB: it's different from what you might expect.

    @Bill: indeed!

    @Gattina: thanks!

    @Mildred: that chapel is a very soothing one.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Tom: there's a lot of Gothic here. Not as much in the way of Romanesque, but St. Theresa is a good example of it.

    @Janis: yes, it's quite artistic.

    @Marianne: it is.

    @Marie: I agree.

  10. Thank you for the spam report
    Beautiful photos. Stain glass windows!

  11. That modern stained glaas i beautiful.
    I'll try to remember that 'take a long walk off a short pier ...' :-)

  12. I like that modern take on stained glass!
    What do the spammers want?

  13. Very nice churches, William.
    I did have those spammers on my blog as well, and reported them as spam.

  14. There are some beautiful old churches. I wonder what we will say about today's churches.

  15. Thanks for the info on the spammer blogger - I haven't seen it yet on mine but I'm sure it will show up sometime and it's good to know what it is. Beautiful churches -- and I love your stained glass photos.

  16. @Maywyn: the stained glass in that chapel has quite a soothing quality.

    @Jan: there are quite a few people I've come across who I wish would take that walk, or play on the freeway blindfolded!

    @RedPat: it's such a nuisance putting up with them.

    @Marleen: I hope that if enough people are reporting this pair that Blogger sits up and takes notice.

    @Red: I wonder if the structures built now will still be around in a century.

    @Jeanie: I've only noticed it on Blogger ones, and if I'm not mistaken, you're using Wordpress as your template.

  17. That stained glass is simply breathtaking.
    I spotted the spammer earlier this week and immediately deleted them and marked them as spam. It really is annoying.

  18. That stained glass is wonderful, William !

  19. Beautiful contemporary stained glass which has also created some lovely shadows too.
    Glad you gave that Spammer some advice and that he finds the short pier and does what you suggest.

  20. My favorite is the French designed church with all that magnificent stained glass. I got hit with damn Sam Dang, and it took me a few minutes, but then I deleted all his crapola.

  21. The stained glass is gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up on the never ending spammers.

  22. @Sharon: they never take a hint.

    @Karl: it is. When I'm in the area I like to stop inside.

    @Rosemary: I came by around the noon hour- the best possible time on a sunny day for that chapel.

    @Lowell: I've seen Sam, but it's that Co one that's been problematic for me personally. Of course, since the links are to the same spam page, it's the same person.

    @Bill: you're welcome.

  23. Beautiful churches, the Stained glass is amazing.
    Maria de
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  24. Awesome stain glass photos! lovely church photos too!

    Happy Days,to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  25. amazing stain glass ... love all the colors. ( :

  26. Thank you! The stained glass was fantastic! The churches were magnificent, but the stained glass was breath-taking!

  27. Also enjoyed seeing the churches and the beautiful stained glass, especially the light reflecting. Thanks for the heads up on the Thai spammers. I have already deleted two comments from recent blogs and will keep a lookout for future ones. These %$# make me angry!

  28. I like those colored reflections you caught inside. Lovely churches.

  29. Gorgeous stained glass! I've wondered about this Vaiybora fellow. I've also had a rash of comments on old posts but they don't publish automatically because I've set comments to only go live on newer posts. Some of these comments make no sense.

  30. Gorgeous photos..that stained glass is stunning.

  31. These are beautiful.

    The spammers are ridiculous. They are silent, then get going again.

  32. Many thanks for the details about the spammers, we had also noticed them recently but just deleted comments.
    However, I'm sure they (or some) may be back, we just have to keep a close eye out ...

    Lovely post those stained glass windows are wonderful.

    All the best Jan

  33. I love the statue and your photo of it. Light and a little bit of the shadow....

  34. @Maria: thank you.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Beth: so do I.

    @Mari: you're welcome.

    @Beatrice: they never give up.

  35. @Kay: they're quite pretty.

    @Linda: they never do.

    @Jenn: I agree.

    @Jennifer: and they never give up.

    @Jan: I certainly think so.

    @Klara: thank you.