Monday, April 30, 2018

The First Light Of A Brand New Day

I choose to end this month with a set of shots from the beginning of the day at various times over the winter. From now until into the fall, the sun rises too early for me to meet it.

I took this in pre-dawn light in mid-January. Dundonald Park was quiet that time of day.

Here we had the same locale several mornings later.

On the last day of January this was the morning view looking southeast as I walked.

This dawn day was in mid-February, also in Dundonald Park.

This was in mid-March.

And these two were some days later.

I finish with these views from late March. The Rideau Canal, still largely frozen, is seen to the south from the Mackenzie King Bridge.

Crossing to the north side of the bridge finds familiar landmarks- the National Arts Centre, Parliament Hill, the government Conference Centre, and the Chateau Laurier- just starting to be lit up.


  1. In my experience, I've found dawning photos to the daunting and enjoy them more than sunsets. And that's OK except for one thing - I really don't like to get up early in the morning. Unless it's for something important, you know, like golf.. My favorite shot here is the last one.

  2. Beautiful and picturesque William. I'll bet your looking forward to Summer.

  3. Lovely photos. I especially love the last shot.

  4. The first light... what is that ?
    The last shot is my preferred, William !

  5. Your pre-dawn pictures are beautiful!

  6. ...I hope that it was the start of a great day!

  7. I love how the majesty of the bare trees is highlighted in these photos.

  8. @Lowell: now it's way too early getting up!

    @Joe: lots of things coming up here over the summer to photograph.

    @Mildred: so did I.

    @Karl: I photograph vastly more sunsets than I do sunrises!

    @Nancy: thank you!

    @Marianne: it is.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Tom: depends on the day.

    @Marie: yes, these trees will just start to be budding around now, but they're still largely bare. It'll take a few weeks for the leaves to assert themselves.

  9. You have seen and photographed several nice 'blue hours' around sunrise.

  10. I really like the progressive shots you've been showing in your recent posts.

  11. way cool. the sun glistening through ... awesome shots. ( ;

  12. Beautiful images William, the predawn light is magic!

  13. Beautiful photos. It looks so tranquil. Love gentle lights on the snow!

  14. Your most beautiful shots ever, in my opinion, William! Dreamy! I really see the beauty of the area.

  15. Gorgeous captures of the morning light!

    Happy Week to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. Wonderful photos.I find early morning light to be so much more special.
    The cool night gives way to the sunlight like a wave.
    Your soft colored black and white photos are outstanding plus
    The last photo is fabulous.

    cheers, parsnip

  17. Lovely photos, I especially like the last one, such beautiful light.

  18. Yes, the last one with the golden sun light on that building!

  19. @Jan: thanks!

    @Red: I like that seasonal change for posts.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Grace: it is indeed.

    @Tamago: tranquil works!

    @Cloudia: so do I.

    @Carol: thank you.

    @Parsnip: I seem to get more sunsets in than I'll ever get sunrises.

    @Bill: I got there just in time.

    @Aritha: it was quite a morning.

  20. Early in the day is so fresh...but mighty cold, too. I love that last shot. Perfect light.

  21. That last pic is a real winner, William!

  22. I love this post ... celebrating the dawn and shows how each day brings new and different ways of looking at life! Which is never boring if you let your eyes take it all in! Thanks for sharing. And from now until into Fall you can collect evening/sundown shots . (I like mornings, but love this time of year for the long evenings ... and every year I find it a little bit harder to get going early in the morning.)

  23. This time of day is so lovely and you captured it perfectly. Could be Leningrad, St. Petersburg (or whatever the call it now)....


  24. Interesting. It does tell me why I prefer the desert sunrises.

  25. All the photos are fantastic. The last one is fabulous.
    Today I thought I would like to go down to Humber Bay to photograph the sunrise again... but, as you said, it is too early nowadays! 6:20 tomorrow. I would have to get up at 5:30 at least to be there by 6.... too early!

  26. I do like the moodiness of these photos.

  27. Morning light is indeed so lovely.

  28. Just a simply beautiful set of photographs.
    The light in them is just great, and quite special somehow..

    All the best Jan

  29. There's a photo contest I heard about. I'll send you the info. $10,000 prize.

  30. @Klara: thanks!

    @Kay: cold is good.

    @RedPat: thank you!

    @Sallie: I doubt I'll see much in the way of dawn shots before fall now.

    @Janis: we're colder than St. Petersburg!

    @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Mari: thanks.

    @Catarina: and every day now the sun gets up earlier.

    @Michelle: so do I.

    @Sandi: definitely.

    @Jeanie: I agree.

    @Jennifer: indeed.

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Norma: thanks!