Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Return Visit

As I am now engaged in the Tulip Festival series, I'd like you to have a look at my writer's blog for today, as my latest post is about last weekend's Ottawa Comiccon event. I was there, and I took a great many shots.

A few days can make quite a difference for tulips. I returned to Commissioners Park by mid-week, some days after my recent posts, and there were more colours in the beds. I started from the park entrance on the west side.

Moving along the path, the purple tulips in the background of this bed were further along than those in the foreground. The bushes beyond them were blossoming.

Some of the beds are more densely planted than others, such as this one. I decided to focus in on one tulip.

Here we had a wider view of the park, with the lake in the background.

Three more panels are found in the park on the Second World War and our Dutch connection.

Juliana's third daughter, Margriet, was born here in Ottawa at the Civic Hospital. An act of Parliament in advance designated a temporary status of extraterritorial on Juliana's maternity suite to ensure the royal status of the baby.

The baptism was held at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church downtown, in the company of the great and the good, with multiple godparents. The portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh took the photographs on this panel, and the ceremony was broadcast to the occupied Netherlands.


  1. There's nothing quite like a field full of tulips. And the story of the baptism is a terrific one; I especially liked that the ceremony was broadcast to the occupied Netherlands.

  2. É de uma grande beleza estes tapetes de flores.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

  3. Yes a few warm Spring days can make a world of difference to tulips. THe flower beds look promising!

  4. And here I thought you only get tulips in Amsterdam! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images of the tulips. And the Princess of Ottawa and baptism story is very special too. Greetings Jo

  5. Love those tulips, especially the yellow.

  6. ...a wonderful history between Canada and the Dutch!

  7. I have to see those fields of tulips up close...
    : )

  8. Wonderful to see more and more colors, and nice that the Dutch connection is stille remembered in the park this way.

  9. There is a tulip grower here we discovered last year. We hope to visit the fields again this year. Love the glorious colours.

  10. @Lowell: and the baby was perfectly quiet throughout the service- not a peep.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marleen: they were quite fine yesterday when I visited too.

    @Jo: you're welcome!

    @Janey: we have lots of yellows this year.

    @Tom: it certainly is.

    @Catarina: you should come up next year.

    @Jan: it's a good tribute.

    @Marie: I can't get enough of them!

  11. Nothing is quite as beautiful as tulips after a hard winter. Great pictures, William. Thanks for sharing your tulips with me. :-)

  12. Thank you for the lovely pictures and the story of the Baptism.
    The tulips are just beautiful.

  13. awesome, i need to write down to be sure to visit your neck of the woods when this festival is going on ... just amazing. what great work! i hope they know how lovely it is. wow wee!! ( ;

  14. I've always said I'm going to go to see the Ottawa tulip festival one spring, but so far I haven't managed to get there. So I'll have to enjoy them through your lovely photos. I really like tulips. Gorgeous colours. Especially when I have some cut tulips in the house in a vase, and they grow long and lanky and twist all over the place, so elegant. probably the only flower that keeps growing even when cut.

  15. Lovely! We just went to Kukenhof in Holland and while beautiful it was so crowded.

  16. Tulips and Dutch royalty were very closely connected.

  17. Beautiful floral shots ~ We have tulips here too on the boulevard ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. I wondered why the tulips in Canada, now I know the connection was Dutch Royal family that lived in Canada.
    They are beautiful flowers. I visited Keukenhof outside Amsterdam for the first time this year, and it was amazing!

  19. @DJan: you're welcome!

    @Mildred: they are indeed!

    @Beth: this festival draws in many people.

    @Shammickite: I love to see them, but the only plant I can manage to keep alive are cacti.

    @Kelleyn: I was down at this park yesterday with visitors, and it was busy, but on the weekends during the festival, it'll be three or times worse in terms of crowds. I prefer photographing during the week.

    @Red: they are indeed.

    @Carol: yesterday among the many photographs I took (more than four hundred), I came across lone tulips here and there, particularly in a church yard. I want to add those into a coming post.

    @Sami: that strong connection endures today.

  20. I love all the different colors and the way they are arranged.

  21. A few days certainly did make all the difference William, here and last post. I always love to see the rogue one different colour tulip in a sea of the same colour 😊

  22. Such gorgeous pictures with colorful tulips!

  23. The colors are fabulous. I would surely enjoy this event!

  24. It must be wonderful to be there, William!

  25. Beautiful tulip colours are a pleasure to see. They do grow rather fast. I like history between the Dutch and the Canadians.

  26. Very interesting! I knew nothing this history. Love the photos William.

  27. @Sharon: so do I.

    @Grace: and a few more days made more of a difference.

    @Tamago: the colours are amazing this year.

    @Cloudia: they are indeed.

    @Jeanie: a lot of people do come out for it.

    @RedPat: it is! I've still got plenty of shots left to take.

    @Bill: it's a good legacy of that war.

    @Pat: thank you!

  28. These flowers are beautiful! I love tulips!

  29. Ahhhhh, tulips! Thank you!

  30. Reminds me of the "Keukenhof" in Holland !

  31. Of all of your regular series, this is my favorite. The tulips are so incredible!

  32. I remember being there, watching them plant some. Such work!

  33. @Mari: definitely.

    @Michelle: so do I.

    @Kay: you're welcome.

    @Gattina: I'd love to see that.

    @Norma: I know you love them!

    @Jennifer: it's a lot of work.