Thursday, May 3, 2018

Churches In The Capital Region

This is Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral, taken on a bright day in early April. The church is found in the Chinatown area.

On a more gloomy day, I came by Eglise Unie Saint-Marc, a French speaking United Church in Ottawa. It has the distinction as the main Francophone Protestant church in the city, and its congregation was founded as a Presbyterian church in 1874. It would join the United Church as part of the movement in Canada during the 1920s that joined together the Methodists, Congregationalists, and part of the Presbyterian denominations. Its architectural style is a blend of Norman and Gothic styles.

Late one afternoon in late April, I decided to stop in at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, which is in the Glebe. I have featured this church on occasion before, but it's been awhile. The approach I took this time led into the courtyard between the church and the low rise condominium complex beside it. 

Here we have the walkway between the two buildings that can be glimpsed above.

While this is the front view. The church dates to 1898, and is particularly striking in late afternoon sunlight.


  1. Great photos
    Sturdy Gothic churches of stone churches are fascinating.

  2. These churches look quite old ! I always thought in Canada there are only new buildings. I forgot that you were belonging to the UK !

  3. Such amazing architecture. You captured great shots of the churches.

  4. They don’t build them like this anymore William.

  5. Old churches are so beautiful. I'd love to see inside the Orthodox church. I'll bet the iconostasis is lovely.


  6. The blue sky makes such a difference in photos, doesn’t it?

  7. the arch doorway seems very popular. ( ;

  8. @Maywyn: they are indeed.

    @Gattina: we do have a lot of the British influence in our history, and our architecture.

    @Mildred: thank you!

    @Joe: no, today's style seems less appealing.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Janis: I've been inside once. It was a Catholic church before.

    @Tom: they each have character.

    @Marie: oh, yes, I prefer photographing them in blue sky conditions.

    @Beth: it is!

  9. I think I like the last one best - maybe the sky sets it off!

  10. The older churches were certainly attractive. We have very few older attractive churches. The first churches here were built of wood and most are gone.

  11. I like these old church buildings!

  12. I love seeing the differences in architecture.

  13. Majestic buildings. They don't build them like this anymore!

  14. @RedPat: it was looking quite good that day.

    @Red: the first churches here tended to be wood. Checking the background of a church one often sees that a bigger building was erected in the decades after its founding.

    @Nancy: I do too.

    @Sharon: yes, these certainly contrast from each other.

    @Lady Fi: each of them have character.

    @Sandi: they definitely don't.

  15. These are fine, well loved buildings, William!

  16. Some of them are quite impressive with rather different architecture.

  17. Beautiful looking churches, each with its own identity.

  18. An Orthodox cathedral in Chinatown. That's got to be a first. Love the last Anglican structure. The Anglicans know how to build a church! Just because hardly anyone attends them anymore is another problem altogether. :)

  19. Always nice to see Churches and their architecture.

    All the best Jan

  20. i loved the Norman and Gothic style.

  21. Two very different styles of architecture, both impressive churches.

  22. I love the different architectural styles. Both very beautiful, very unique.

  23. Lovely series of church photos~ filled with history!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  24. Gorgeous churches, I particularly like the Eglise Unie Saint-Marc!

  25. The last one is my favorite.

  26. @Cloudia: that they are.

    @Jan: very much so.

    @Bill: quite true.

    @Lowell: it's actually one of two Orthodox churches in that neighbourhood.

    @Jan: I agree.

    @Denise: definitely.

    @Mari: me too.

  27. @Grace: thank you.

    @Jeanie: thanks!

    @Carol: definitely.

    @Jenn: so do I.

    @Klara: indeed.

    @Norma: me too.