Friday, May 18, 2018

In Bloom

More from the pathway in Commissioners Park. I took this view some days earlier on my previous visit, and you might remember it from the earlier post. The tulips were coming along nicely in the beds around it, which are the last beds at this end of the park.

The park ends at Bronson Avenue, and there is a large bed of tulips just east of Bronson, between the Rideau Canal and the Glebe. I photographed it from both sides.

Then I started back into the park, pausing to photograph the first bed of tulips just as one photographer was doing the same with the people she was with.

I'm finishing today's post with the last of the panels here in the park. Malak Karsh, the esteemed landscape photographer (and brother of Yousuf Karsh, the esteemed portrait photographer) is the figure most responsible for the Tulip Festival, recommending the idea in the years following the Second World War. Down the line we'll see another note or two of Malak, certainly after I'm done with the series, and perhaps if I get a chance to go over to the Museum of History on the weekend to photograph the bed of tulips named after him.


  1. To see that many tulips at one time must be wonderful.
    Looks like your weather is starting to be so nice now.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Very beautiful tulips everywhere.

  3. More wonderful tulips I'm always amazed by their colours and shapes, some many varieties and all beautiful:)

  4. Always so nice to see the blooming flowers!

  5. I love the low-angled orientation of some of the tulip shots.


  6. A feast for the eyes, William !

  7. There's an explosion of colours going on in Ottawa, and it's beautiful again.

  8. ...we enjoyed the stroll with you, thanks for this reminder.

  9. Hello, lovely photos of the gardens. The tulips are beautiful. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. @Lady Fi: they are.

    @Parsnip: the sun has been good for these tulips.

    @Lowell: there's so many of them.

    @Rosie: it's quite a mix.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Marianne: it is indeed.

    @Janis: I like shifting my perspective with tulips.

    @Karl: they are indeed.

    @Jan: it's a wonderful event.

    @Tom: I enjoyed having you two visit!

    @Eileen: thanks!

  11. i enjoy the orange-y red ones. way cool!! ( ;

  12. Nice! I do so enjoy tulips from around the world. :-)

  13. The tulips are such vibrant colours. I've been doing some paintings of tulips recently, perhaps I should post them on the blog???

  14. The tulips are looking very good!

  15. Beautiful ~ favorite is the macro shot of the 2 tulips ~

    Happy Day to you,
    C & Z

  16. A little history. A little beauty. this makes for a good post. In fact, a series of good posts.

  17. @Beth: they're good!

    @DJan: so do I.

    @Shammickite: you should!

    @Sharon: they are indeed.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Red: it does!

  18. Luxuriate in your Spring, William!

  19. Lovely flower beds, William. Nice perspective in the first photo!

  20. Loooove the mixture of orang and red! So pretty and a joy to behold!

  21. very beautiful all this flowers

  22. The tulips are growing up nicely.

  23. One never tires while looking at beautiful flowers.

  24. I have to travel to Butchart Gardens or to the Skagit Valley to see masses of tulips as lush as these. It must be a real boon for city dwellers to have something like this in their midst.

  25. After all the snow photos, I am looking forward to more beautiful flowers!

  26. Those yellow fluffy ones near the top are especially fabulous!

  27. Pretty composition in the first picture.

  28. @Cloudia: spring seems brief here.

    @Marleen: thank you!

    @Grace: that it is.

    @Bergson: definitely.

    @Bill: they did last year.

    @Mari: that is true.

    @Michelle: definitely.

    @Kay: it is, yes.

    @Nancy: I get plenty in each year.

    @Jennifer: just a couple of weeks, really, in terms of peak time.

    @Jeanie: they are!

    @Klara: thank you!