Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Musical Interlude

Remembering Glenn Gould is a topiary in the form of a grand piano and chair, commemorating the great Canadian classical pianist. It was part of MosaiCanada last year and returned for this time around. I used a different setting for the same shot as seen below.

Beside it was a new topiary- to be precise, a pair. The Ballerina is its title, and features a ballerina and cellist, evoking the music box motif. The ballerina actually moves around in a circle. I took all three shots from the same vicinity within a few seconds.

Here the cellist gets a bit of solo spotlight- with a hint of things to come in the background.

Coming back around from the background area, which I'll start showing tomorrow, I took some other shots of the piano and ballerina from this side of things. A performance was going on- during my visit a pair of local Chinese dancers were on stage before the piano topiary.


  1. ...the scale of the piano can be understood when seeing the dancers. Such a large tribute to Glenn Gould. The work that went into these displays is amazing.

  2. Amazing!!

    Thanks for showing us this magnificent work of art.

  3. Topiaries amaze me . ...and they must require a lot of trimming.

  4. Are these creations moved and stored somewhere in the winter?

  5. @Tom: it is a lot of work.

    @Catarina: you're welcome.

    @Janey: they do.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Shammickite: as this is the last year they will be removed.

  6. Amazing what they did with plants!

  7. The piano is a wonderful tribute to Glenn Gould. When I saw the tiny dancers in the last three shots, I was surprised once again how huge these topiaries are.

  8. All fabulouso William, the ballet dancer is too amazing ✨

  9. Nice way to honor Glenn Gould.

  10. A very nice tribute to this famous piano player, and the dancers give perspective as to how large the piano topiary is. Even the ballerina is mechanized to go in circles, just like the one I used to have in my jewelry box. Amazing exhibit!

  11. About to put on some Glenn Gould music. Suggestions?


  12. These topiaries get more and more amazing ~ Wow! Neat!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. I love ballerina and cellist! And of course piano, too. They are beautiful!

  14. Musical topiaries (?)---so imaginative

  15. Beautiful! I really love the topiaries and have learned so much from your posts. :-)

  16. I could almost hear that cellist. They are all amazing.

  17. They are all very creative and beautiful to see.

  18. @Marie: it is!

    @Jennifer: they were wonderfully done this year.

    @Jan: that was the idea when I took the shots.

    @Nancy: that they are.

    @Grace: I found the ballerina wonderful.

    @Red: it is indeed.

    @Denise: I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the exhibit.

    @Janis: as I recall, the music by Gould that ended up being part of the Voyager probe was some of his Bach.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Tamago: they are.

    @MB: they definitely are.

    @DJan: I've enjoyed showing them. Still more to come.

    @Fun60: they are!

    @Marleen: I agree.

  19. Quite the display. The cello brought a smile. Tweeted as usual.

  20. Glenn Gould would be impressed with the piano, it's a wonderful tribute.

  21. The dancers really set a scale for the piano! It is huge!

  22. Absolutely F A N T A S T I C

    All the best Jan

  23. Okay, so I've got a soft spot for grand pianos. Gosh, though! I'd think that lid would be especially vulnerable to the wind.

  24. That grand piano topiary was amazing, but then the ballerina and the cellist was just as lovely.

  25. I had no idea how huge that piano was until I saw the dancers. What a scale. These pieces are fabulous.

  26. Das Klavier ist klasse keine normale größe glaube ich.

  27. Wow! Really amazing. A Tryskelion too!

  28. It is amazing that the ballerina actually moves! Inredible.

  29. awesome times!! a piano ... grand piano? keys 2. ( ;

  30. @Mari: thank you.

    @Bill: that it is.

    @RedPat: it really was.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Revrunner: apparently not.

    @Beatrice: I thought so too.

  31. @Happyone: it is.

    @Kay: thanks!

    @Noke: thank you.

    @Cloudia: very much so.

    @Sallie: that's what I thought.

    @Klara: indeed.

    @Beth: thanks!