Monday, October 1, 2018

City Daily Photo Theme Day: Change

The first day of the month is a theme day for members of City Daily Photo, and October's theme is Change. Have a look at how other members are interpreting this theme here. My take on this theme was drawn out of an idea for a series I first posted on last December, with a follow up you can find here. 

The Portage Bridge is one of several connections between Ottawa and Gatineau over the Ottawa River; this bridge lies west of Parliament Hill. The river goes through a series of islands at this location, and here in the main channel, the provincial boundary between Quebec on the Gatineau side and Ontario on the Ottawa side runs right through. Periodically I have come to the midst of the bridge to photograph the view east towards the landmarks of the Hill, with the idea of showing the changes over time. Having had done posts on that already last December and in March, I thought it would be appropriate again to do so for this theme day, showing the changes from spring to summer and into the early fall.

I begin with this shot taken on the first of April, Easter Sunday. The buildings of Parliament Hill dominate the high ground on the Ottawa side, and one still sees remnants of winter ice on the river, as well as along the shoreline of Victoria Island, which is over at the right. The Alexandra Bridge, National Gallery, Notre Dame, Nepean Point, and the Supreme Court also feature in the views from this bridge.

Here we have the view in the later part of April, early one morning.

One moody afternoon in early May I crossed the bridge to head over to the Museum of History. The river's flow was swift and the water level was higher.

Here we see it on the first Saturday in June, in the morning. I came this way for a couple of locations during our Doors Open weekend, and decided I'd take in a view from the bridge.

I took the view in again in early July.

This view is from the first part of August one day.

These two views were in the latter part of August, on a very different kind of day weatherwise. There was light rain. I took them a few metres apart along the bridge.

I took this view near sunset one day early in September.

And I finish with this last one, taken just over a week ago. This was on a Sunday afternoon, less than forty eight hours after a tornado had swept through the region. I posted about that several days ago.


  1. Very interesting and I like it. The sky changes the most but the water does too

  2. Well chosen location and subject, William, water and sky are indeed always changing.

  3. Ah, the Ottawa River. Perhaps this is the single biggest indicator of change in your community.
    Happy October, William!


  4. ...the one thing that can be counted on, is change!

  5. It's a great location to view the river. I would never have thought to use this location for change, but you aced it!

  6. @MB: true!

    @Jan: they are.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Janis: and I figured it tied both communities together, so that was also good for the theme.

    @Tom: quite true!

    @Janey: I do prefer photographing under blue sky conditions when I come here, but clouds can be dramatic in their own way.

    @Betty: I started doing so back in September of last year, and it felt appropriate to do it for this theme.

  7. It's interesting to see the difference from one photo to the next. Nice series. :-)

  8. Hello, beautiful views and photos of the river. Some changes are good. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  9. this was an interesting take on the subject. the sky changes, but to my surprise, the water as well.

  10. Subtle changes in some shots. You have lots of patience to develop this medley of changes on that particular landscape.

  11. Nice to see the changes throughout the year.

  12. A brilliant take on the theme and thanks for going to all the trouble to make it happen.

  13. Each photo is beautiful. The swift water is scary though.

  14. It is really interesting looking through your photos and how the river changes. I stand back in admiration at how you manage to write a post everyday.

  15. You have a great vantage point from that bridge!

  16. @DJan: I was talking with a docent at the National Gallery during my last visit about this- photographing the same spot, different times of day through different seasons. Monet did the same thing in painting a subject over and over again.

    @Eileen: it is quite a river.

    @Klara: yes, there are times the river's relatively calm, other times it is not.

    @Kate: it helps that I'm not that far away from this area.

    @Red: it is. I'll have to do it again.

    @FFP: thank you!

    @Maywyn: you wouldn't want to fall in.

    @Fun60: it helps to do things ahead of time. I have to get some posts prepared, as I have nothing in place beyond tomorrow, but I went somewhere on the weekend that'll fill in a couple of weeks.

    @Sharon: yes I do!

  17. I love the photos showing change over time. Great job.

  18. let's kayak ... thankfully we got to go 2 times this weekend. what a blast. i love open waters! ( ;
    have a super great week.

  19. It's nice to see the changes and how it affects the same scene over time. Well done, William.

  20. Great photos! I love the one from first Saturday in June. Beautiful sparkling water!

  21. It is interesting to see the same view looking so different in various shots but still so similar! Good series, William!

  22. @Marie: thanks!

    @Beth: these are choppy waters at times.

    @Bill: it is indeed.

    @Tamago: that was quite a day.

    @RedPat: thank you!

  23. Wow! It is like you have been preparing for this theme for a long time! Well done.

  24. You've caught the many moods - and changes - of the river.

  25. I would think that would be very strange weather, indeed, for your region.

  26. Awesome atmospheric photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  27. @Linda: since the winter! I'll have to do another one, maybe schedule it for March.

    @Kay: it changes often in its moods.

    @Sandi: it's quite a river, but dangerous too.

    @Revrunner: a tornado in late September here hasn't happened like that in 120 years.

    @Carol: thank you!

  28. Lovely to see it some many different ways, I wonder what it says about me that I prefer the darker moodier scenes lol!

  29. Lovely series of the river showing the changes.

  30. Great interpretation of your theme day....I really like the idea of taking pictures of the same subject at all the different seasons and times of day. Of course it helps to have chosen a perfect focal point as you certainly did.

  31. Some lovely views here, and nice to see the changes.

    All the best Jan

  32. Fabulous theme day changes William, the weather can make all the difference.

  33. Nature is powerful and wonderful. I like observing the changes in nature and in my city.

  34. @Catalyst: it does!

    @Jenn: I like them too.

    @Nancy: it's quite a river.

    @Sallie: it's a great spot. I might be off on where I deem the provincial border to be, but since they don't mark it on this bridge, it's left to the individual to judge.

    @Jan: thank you!

    @Norma: I do too.

    @Grace: it does!

    @Klara: I do as well.