Sunday, October 21, 2018


A few days back we had a considerable amount of fog move in as the day went along. In the evening, I was heading home and took this first shot from a local library branch. The source of light you see is the stadium lighting over at Lansdowne. The condo building off to the side was somewhat obscured by fog.

I approached via the Bank Street Bridge and took this shot.

Then I headed up to an overlook area beside the north end stands. The field is used for football and soccer games (a hockey arena is beneath the north end stands), but no one was on it; it's likely that a team had finished up practice. Had there been a game playing in this kind of weather, the fog might have been problematic enough for fans over at the top of the south end stands in seeing the field.

A couple of days I came back to Lansdowne to meet up with some people at the club level in the south end stands, where there is some cafe and restaurant space alongside the suites. I decided to photograph the stadium. A soccer game had been played earlier- this level is generally only open on game days- and the Redblacks football team was, at that time of day, out in Edmonton playing a game. The game was being played on screens inside the club level, as well as the big screen in the stadium.

The Aberdeen Pavilion lingers in the background in this shot.

This Canadian flag in bas relief panels hangs on one of the walls inside.

Departing, I paused to photograph the statue of Frank Clair, the coach whose Ottawa tenure back in the Rough Riders days included five Grey Cup victories and a status as the coach with the third best record overall in the CFL.


  1. The first two photos with the fog and the Canadian flag photo are wonderful.
    So much to see .

    cheers, parsnip and badger

  2. The result is beautiful, I mean taking pictures with fog !

  3. The lighting and the fog have created an ethereal effect over what I suspect must be 'hallowed ground' in Ottawa.

  4. Good photos there William, seems odd seeing fog

  5. Wonderful fog shots and a nice serie of the stadium with the Canadian flag as highlight.

  6. @Parsnip: thank you!

    @Gattina: fog adds the right touch.

    @Rosemary: hallowed for football fans anyway.

    @Bill: we get it occasionally.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Jan: thank you.

    @Tom: it's a good one.

  7. I thought the Landsdowne stadium was gone but I guess it's only the rough riders who are gone.

  8. I like fog and its effect on photos. The Canadian flag is very nice indeed.

  9. Neat captures of the fog. I like the flag panels. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead!

  10. Reminds me of our little "football" game coming up this afternoon over at FedEx Field. :-)

  11. I really like your 2nd photo of the fog.

  12. Feels just right for Halloween! :-)

  13. The foggy shots kind of remind me of my blog post today. That stadium is amazing. I like that the seats are not so steeply raked. I quit going to Diamondbacks games in Phoenix because my friend's seats up in the third deck gave me vertigo when I was trying to get to them. And that's a great sculpture of Coach Clair.

  14. @Red: the stadium survived the Riders and the Renegades folding up (which happened because of the sheer incompetence of the same family to own both franchises at their end). The north stands were heavily redone as part of the overhaul, and the south stands were completely rebuilt. The present ownership of the team (or teams, as all three teams are run by the same ownership group) has a better handle on things. I've gotten used to Lansdowne as it is, though I still don't like the big box stores around the property. The stadium itself is called TD Place, whereas in the past it was Frank Clair Stadium. The area as a whole is still referred to as Lansdowne Park.

    @Bergson: fog is very good for shots.

    @Bill: I liked that flag.

    @Eileen: thank you!

    @Revrunner: I imagine that field might be bigger. The stadium has a capacity for 24 000 spectators.

    @Marleen: so did I.

    @DJan: fog will do that!

    @Catalyst: the angle, at least on the south side, tends to be more measured. I've never stood on the north side stands, but it's one complete down angle- there's no division of upper, club, and lower stands like it is on the south side.

  15. Such wonderful fog shots, they're great :)

    All the best Jan

  16. Love fog shots and other photos ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Ein schönes Stadion alles ist da was gebraucht wird.

  18. It is a good looking stadium, William!

  19. Love, love, love the bas relief wintery Canadian flag panels!

  20. @Jan: thanks!

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Noke: thanks.

    @RedPat: particularly the south side.

    @Sandi: I did too.

  21. I love your photography in today's shoot. It is as if that statue is right there with us. And the maple leaf is beautiful.
    Thank you for alerting me that our GDP isn't uploading on your blog roll. Any idea what it might be? We are baffled. Others have said the same.

    Thanks, William,


  22. We had a lot of fog a few days ago as well. Good shots of statium.

  23. love the foggy shot, William .. back to commenting now ... been camping ... glad to have wifi again. take care. ( ;

  24. Beautiful foggy sceneries. I love the photo of the Canadian flag!

  25. I especially like that rendition of your flag.

  26. The fog looks magical through your eyes and camera lens. I'm not a fan in real life, but remembering photos like yours will help me see the beauty in that kind of day.

  27. Super series of images William, the first two look like images straight out of a science fiction movie ☺

  28. I love it. The best are the fall colours, though. You've done well this season.

  29. @Janis: thank you!

    @Klara: thanks!

    @Beth: thanks!

    @Tamago: so do I.

    @Kay: it's a good one.

    @Sallie: thanks!

    @Grace: they do.

    @Jenn: I do too.

    @Jennifer: thanks!