Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fall Viewpoints

Major's Hill Park tends to have good fall colours. I came through here on Thanksgiving Day.

A bit further along the path in the park, I turned around and photographed Centre Block on Parliament Hill, framed by the trees.

Across from the park and the National Gallery of Canada, the Peacekeepers Monument is positioned on a large traffic circle. I liked the contrast of fall colours with the monument, which from this angle includes debris one might find in a war zone, a deliberate part of the monument's design.

I headed in the direction of New Edinburgh, which I'll start showing tomorrow. The fall colours at this spot caught my eye. The labs of the National Research Council are seen in the background.

On that same day, coming back from New Edinburgh, I passed through the campus at the University of Ottawa.

Just up the street from the above shot, I photographed across the quad towards Tabaret Hall. A careful eye might find the squirrel on the lawn.

Another day I happened to pass by the National War Memorial. This is on the northwest side of the grounds.

Taken another day, this is from the east side, and includes one of The Valiants, the series of statues and busts of figures of Canadian military history. This one is Pierre d'Iberville, the explorer, soldier, colonial administrator, and perpetual irritant to the British from the days of New France. 

I came over to the Memorial to photograph the fall colours contrasting against the sentries and the monument.

This perspective is taken from the grass behind the benches on the northwest side of the Memorial.

And here is the view from the west side of the Memorial, with fall colours here and there.

I finish today with two shots from Centretown. These were taken on Monday morning, and are the most recent fall colours I've taken this year. I still have more to come from other locations, and the colours are still in good shape here, but odds are any more shots I take of fall colours will turn up on the Ottawa Daily Photo Facebook page as opposed to here. This first shot features leaves from a tree that always has these colours this time of year.

This second one features a view at Dundonald Park, a few days after a shot I featured yesterday, with golden leaves.


  1. Although we experience the colours of Autumn here in the UK we don't have the vivid reds and yellows that you have.

  2. We don't get to see these lovely autumn colours!

  3.'s nice to see Ottawa coloring up!

  4. What a great notion, a peacekeeper's monument.
    Hoping for those lovely autumn colors, in NC


  5. You show how colourful a city can be in autumn.

  6. Our fall colours are undoubtedly beautiful!

  7. In my hometown we don't have this much wonderful autumn colours.

  8. Hello, the fall colors and leaves are beautiful! Lovely series of photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  9. which do i enjoy more the reds or the yellow??! gold? either or - nice!! ( :
    happy fall moments!

  10. @Fun60: this is a good area for the vivid colours.

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Nancy: I love seeing them.

    @Tom: it is indeed.

    @Janis: it's a good monument.

    @Anvilcloud: this one certainly is.

    @Catarina: definitely!

    @Jan: there's something about the topography and climate here that helps it along.

    @Sandi: I agree!

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Beth: they're both good.

  11. Glorious! The reds are not as obvious here this year!

  12. I'm struck by the lack of any other people out and about when you were. It must have been cold!

  13. Nice touch with featuring the fall leaves with buildings.

  14. Those last two shots are stunning!

  15. @Marie: we tend to see a lot more browns and yellows than reds.

    @RedPat: oh, there are people, but my tendency is to usually try not getting people in the shot.

    @Red: I certainly thought so.

    @Sharon: thank you!

    @Lady Fi: thanks!

  16. Beautiful fall colours, William !

  17. Beautifully composed series of shots William, the autumn colours are incroyable! Yes I spotted the squirrel ☺

  18. Such beautiful fall colors! Especially the golden leaves in the last photo look incredible!

  19. Beautiful Autumn colours. We don't get such a variety of colours here in Perth, most of our trees are evergreen.

  20. I just love this time of year! Our leaves are all off now and everything is brown and dull lol.

  21. My favorite season! The colors are gorgeous.

  22. Beautiful autumn colours, William.

  23. Eine schöne Zeit für Fotos von den Bäumen mit den verschiedenen Farben.

  24. @Karl: they are indeed.

    @Grace: he was busy searching for treats!

    @Tamago: thanks!

    @Sami: we get a rich variety.

    @Jenn: we've still got some.

    @Lois: they definitely are.

    @Bill: I certainly think so.

    @Noke: thank you!

  25. Such glorious Autumn photographs around the Memorial.
    You've shown Autumn at its glorious best...
    And yes, I spotted the squirrel!

    All the best Jan

  26. Beautiful colors! I trust they'll be replaced with a blanket of white soon enough.

  27. I thought for just a second you had been partaking in your new National Herb. But then I saw him. The squirrel, that is. Seriously, great pictures, William.

  28. Beautiful fall colors! I'm still hoping we'll get enough to lift the spirits, but it's beginning to look like it won't happen. Too much rain and warm temperatures this year.

  29. The seasonal colour in the trees is wonderful and a grat contrast to the statues and buildings:)

  30. Intriguing Fall colors, wonderful building and statues photos!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  31. It's true, it's a season of red and gold.

  32. @Jan: squirrels can be elusive photo subjects.

    @Kay: sonner or later!

    @Catalyst: hah!

    @Linda: each year can be different.

    @Rosie: that it is.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Jennifer: that it is.

    @Klara: very much so.