Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ice Sculptures At Winterlude Sites

During Winterlude, the National Arts Centre featured a large ice sculpture of a deer projected on its glass lantern, with the colours slowly shifting at night.

The Sparks Street pedestrian mall had some ice sculptures around as well. They included this sizable one.

Nearby were some of a more animal form. They were nearby a set of ice tables set up for games like shuffleboard (which I didn't think to photograph).

One evening when I came back to the Byward Market to photograph the main ice sculptures at night, I also photographed some other sculptures out in the open in the same area. They included benches for sitting.

I'll pick up with this location tomorrow. This fellow was posing for friends on one large chair. The Connaught Building lurks in the background.


  1. ...I've heard about being the the hot seat, but what an icy seat!

  2. I would be in awe walking around here. I might even try the seat :)

  3. Wonderful range of creative ideas in these ice sculptures...The guy happily seated in the icy chair made me smile...

  4. Brr.Not sure I would want to sit there. Love the elk.

  5. I hadn't realized that there were so many sculptures in so many places. The one time we went, we walked through the park near the skateway at night. I got some good shots but all I saw were the half dozen or so that were displayed there.

  6. It seems that the ice sculptors of Ottawa find a lot of work - at least during winter.

  7. A bit cold on the nether regions, sitting in an ice chair!!!

  8. @Tom: very much so.

    @Denise: thanks!

    @Joan: very cold.

    @Gemma: I agree.

    @Janey: thank you.

    @Jan: it's a good one.

    @Anvilcloud: we had wonderful sculptures this year.

    @John: true!

  9. what a cold chair ...give the man a coffee or a hot cocoa ... enjoy the shot all lit up at night. way cool!! ( ;
    happy weekend.

  10. Damn, You Are Surrounded By Such An Enriched Culture. What An Amazing City There. Thanx For Sharing.


  11. Very beautiful sculptures. I love those benches and chair! :-)

  12. Sitting on ice - yuck! I'm ready for spring but I love seeing your pics of this event, William.

  13. Some of these sculptures are playful and people have fun with them.

  14. Much as I like spring, I'm hoping you don't get a fast melt there! These deserve to stay intact awhile!

  15. I bet the back of that guy's pants were wet and cold when he go up.

  16. The ice sculptures are magical. Tweeted.

  17. @Beth: thanks!

    @Padre: It is quite a place to live in.

    @DJan: I do as well.

    @RedPat: I love showing them. I still have a few more days of it.

    @Red: the interactive sculptures are a lot of fun.

    @Jeanie: unfortunately these have to be broken up when the festival ends. It's a liability issue.

    @Happyone: very cold!

    @Sharon: it really depends how long you're sitting. A few seconds for a photo? Not really.

    @Mari: that they are.

    @Francisco: thanks!

  18. I think that guy sitting on the ice chair had a numb butt. :)

  19. Awesome ice sculptures ~ love the first 2 photos the best ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Living in large population, I see you get to see all sorts of arts type of things.
    Coffee is on

  21. Love seeing these icy sculptures William, going up to see more 😊

  22. The deer projection is quite lovely!

  23. I was going to ask if you could sit in it!
    I love the deer, as well!

  24. LOL! That would be a cold seat!
    The deer projection is very nice indeed.

    All the best Jan

  25. Armchairs should be warm and cosy, not cold!

  26. @Bill: no doubt.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Dora: indeed.

    @Italiafinlandia: definitely.

    @Nancy: quite a cold seat.

  27. @Grace: thank you.

    @Marie: I think so too.

    @Jennifer: thanks.

    @Jan: it is, yes.

    @Klara: if only!