Saturday, July 27, 2019

Within The Sanctuary

In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, an influx of immigrants from the Ukraine came into Canada. Many of them settled in the West, holding onto traditions while adapting to life in the New World. At Smoky Lake, Alberta, a church was erected by 1915. St. Onuphrius is a consecrated Ukrainian Catholic Church. Given to the museum in 1996, the church was installed here and still occupies pride of place inside the permanent galleries. It is a wonder to behold, and in fact still holds religious services on occasion.

Stepping out of the sanctuary, one can walk right around the church and look in back windows or doorways, in on what was the sacristy.

Other windows give one a view into that portion of the chancel beyond the rood screen. This church is quite a treasure.


  1. Magnificent church. We have a few in the city. Very impressive as well.

  2. Beautiful church. Have a great weekend!

  3. This sure is a very different style!

  4. ...religion has a strong influence on people and their identity, it the one thing that they always carry with them.

  5. A bit different from other churches. Have a lovely weekend William.

  6. Beautiful church, wonderful photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Love the blue ceiling and wall behind the cross! Are those wood panels?

  8. @Catarina: thank you.

    @Nancy: that it is.

    @Italiafinlandia: it really is.

    @Fun60: definitely.

    @Iris: quite so.

    @Tom: that's true.

    @Sami: thank you.

    @Eileen: thanks!

    @Sandi: I believe so.

  9. Thank you for a look into the church's sacristy. I enjoyed seeing this beautiful church. :-)

  10. That's pretty unusual to have an entire church in a museum!

  11. They seemed to have people who had the ability to make the carvings and paintings. somebody had to have a vision. There are other churches in the west that are also very beautiful.

  12. Beautiful church! Great detail.

  13. what amazing gorgeous details. so pretty. i love all the beauty. thanks for sharing. have a great weekend, William. take care. ( ;

  14. Divine ~ lovely photos of the church ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. So happy the church was preserved. I love seeing the Old Church Slavonic script.


  16. What a beautiful little church. It's so wonderful that it has been preserved.

  17. Wow that is a stunning little church well worth preserving

  18. I wonder how many celebrations of birth, marriage and death have been held in that church.

  19. Cool header, William! And a strangely welcoming church. I like the blue.

  20. @DJan: you're welcome.

    @RedPat: that it is.

    @Barbara: and well worth preserving.

    @Red: thanks!

    @Happyone: I agree.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Janis: so do I.

    @Sharon: I agree.

    @Bill: definitely.

    @David: and at least some of those still are.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Cloudia: so do I.

  21. A very pretty little church.

  22. That is quite amazing that a consecrated, still usable Church was given to the Museum! What a beautiful ornate Church it is and what interesting history it tells.

  23. Unique and lovely or as you put it, a treasure.

  24. Such a super little church how wonderful that it has been saved and can still be used:)

  25. @Bill: that it is.

    @Sallie: I agree.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Eve: very much so.

    @Kay: definitely.

    @Rosie: it's a wonder.

    @Marie: I think so too.

  26. That church is beautiful. And I loved that you showed the sacristy too.