Sunday, September 15, 2019

Natural Ingenuity

This is constructed from Leonardo's designs. It is a crank operated cart. Leonardo's engineering instincts were put to work either improving an existing technology or creating something entirely new. 

His odometer is a variation based on a Roman device.

These are models of two cranes, the lateral winch crane and the crane on a cart. Both were Leonardo's takes on existing technologies being used in construction at the time.

Another one of Leonardo's designs took an existing form of crane and improved on it. This is the annular platform crane in model scale.

One of his concepts on paper was a pyramidical parachute. It has been tested in the current day and shown to be sound. Leonardo's quote on the wall rings true.

Here we have the ancestor of the current day helicopter, the aerial screw, a concept designed by Leonardo that probably never could have flown.

Several of the reproductions were things you could get your hands on and try out. This is a hammer, driven by an eccentric cam, according to the display. Leonardo developed the concept to help blacksmiths in their work; the machine drives the hammer down with full force on the anvil.


  1. DaVinci's creations have a comfortable feeling. The wheels on the crank cart are a favorite wheel style.

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    1. Sorry ... is Sunday morning! :))
      He was such a genius ...

  3. Interesting post, William, very interesting.

  4. I will think of Leonardo every time I see one of the many cranes around town William 😉

  5. ...his interests were endless.

  6. DaVinci was indeed a very talented artist and inventor. I have enjoyed this series showcasing his many talents, William.

  7. @Maywyn: thank you.

    @Ella: that happens.

    @Karl: thank you.

    @Grace: I can see why.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Francisco: thanks!

  8. What a man...I wonder who his friends were. He helped leaders of the world at that time.

  9. As I said... he spent more time as an inventor than a painter... and he was great at both.

  10. I just wonder how active da Vinci was to come up with all these ideas. He must have been constantly thinking about things.

  11. As I said before, he was a true genius. I love that quote about flying.

  12. @Beatrice: I've enjoyed showing it. More to come.

    @Barbara: he seemed to know all the right people.

    @Catarina: that's quite true.

    @RedPat: it was well presented.

    @Red: he would have had to be.

    @Sharon: so do I.

  13. What a wonderful mind he had. I thought he had invented the parachute, and now I know he did indeed. :-)

  14. Amazing things he came up with. The odometer was interesting to me. I mow carry one in my pocket. :)

  15. Definitely amazing inventions here ~ neat post and photos ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. He was one smart dude, with time on his hands.

  17. Has such another genius ever lived since Leonardo?

  18. Quite interesting that they include A hands-on exhibit! Fun.

  19. interesting. i love learning. i have been 2 several museum lately & have really learned some new things. never really knew much about Ike - President Eisenhower. we got to see his home town in Abilene, KS. very cool. love learning. ( ;

  20. Always a fascinating person! (Leonardo too)

  21. You said well: engineering instinct! :)

  22. Wow, you could really try it out, that is something!

  23. Such a creative brain with so many trains of thought but linking known things together:)

  24. @DJan: he just didn't test it!

    @Bill: I thought so too.

    @Marleen: definitely!

    @Happyone: smaller than his!

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Joanne: true!

    @Marie: no.

  25. @Sallie: it was.

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    @Kay: definitely.

    @Cloudia: indeed.

    @Magiceye: very much so.

    @Italiafinlandia: he had it.

    @Iris: it was.

    @Rosie: true!

  26. Doesn't it blow your mind, all the things he came up with so long before they were really a common thing? I'm always in awe.