Friday, September 13, 2019

The Vitruvian Man

At some point we've all seen the self portrait of Leonardo done late in life. It is rarely displayed, with issues that conservators in Turin are grappling with to save the work. Those issues are examined in this panel. A copy accompanies it.

And then there's The Vitruvian Man. Its original is at the Gallerie dell'Academia in Venice.

This is St. John The Baptist. The original is in the Louvre.

Numerous contemporary reproductions based on Leonardo's designs or creations were found here. That includes this bicycle- not created from the mind of the genius, but thought to be a hoax. 

This device, however, was a genuine Leonardo creation. He devised a horizontal drill to bore holes in trees for the purpose of making wooden water pipes.

The Virgin and Child With St. Anne and John The Baptist resides today at the National Gallery in London.

Madonna Litta is at left, a disputed attribution to Leonardo that resides in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. At right is Madonna Of The Carnation, which is in Munich.

I liked this quote on the wall.

The original resides in a gallery in Krakow. This is Lady With An Ermine.

St. Jerome In The Wilderness is an unfinished work that now resides in the Vatican Museums. We carry on from here tomorrow.


  1. I like the quote. Leonardo da Vinci sure was a visionary and accomplished man.

  2. The bike then ... To the great regret of probably all Italians, it turns out to be one big fraud. There goes "their" invention ... :)
    I love Leonardo's work!

  3. Italy produced mire than its fair share of scholars and architects.

  4. that I would not have the opportunity to see, thanks for sharing.

  5. The Vitruvian man is so much smaller than I'd imagined!


  6. Every now a true genius is born, Leonardo was one. Super interesting post William ✨

  7. I’ll never forget seeing the Mona Lisa. it was an awesome experience.

  8. Hello, I like the quote and exhibit. Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  9. @Iris: it does indeed.

    @Sami: he certainly was.

    @Ella: alas!

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @David: quite true.

    @Tom: you're welcome.

    @Janis: that seems to be the case with some of his work.

    @Grace: I certainly agree.

    @Italiafinlandia: you're welcome.

    @Marie: I'd love to see the real thing. I've seen variants of it at this exhibit.

    @Eileen: thank you!

  10. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and inspired works by a genius!

  11. What a talented person he was! I am enjoying learning more about him.

  12. Leonardo was a clever chap, no doubt about that!

  13. Great exhibits. Interesting bike and drill creation.

  14. When you see some of the things da Vinci worked on, you stop and think about what life would have been like at that time.

  15. Wonderful post and photos ~ great info to share ~ Da Vinci ~ a classic

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  16. We had a huge Leonardo exhibition in Brussels a few years ago ! This man was a genius !!

  17. Wonder what he would be inventing and painting if he lived today!

  18. He really was a genius. I like the quote!

  19. Amazing exhibit. How they build from his drawings is delightful to see.

  20. The man was a multi-talented genius.

  21. I have seen some of those at the AGO... or was it at another gallery? hmmm not sure now. : )

  22. It doesn't matter that these are copies, they are still beautiful!

  23. It is an amazing exhibit. Thank you William!

  24. The exhibit must have been amazing to see. I love the quote, very nice indeed.
    Thank you, William.

  25. @Barbara: you're welcome.

    @DJan: I'm enjoying showing them.

    @Shammickite: that he was.

    @Nancy: definitely!

    @Red: he was extraordinary.

    @Carol: thank you!

    @Gattina: he was.

    @Happyone: indeed.

    @Marleen: thanks!

    @Maywyn: it is.

    @Sharon: very much so.

    @Catarina: I enjoyed this.

    @RedPat: they are indeed.

    @Denise: you're welcome.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Bill: a pleasure to show.

  26. I don't know. There's a company now making bikes out of bamboo. Maybe ol' Leo was onto something. :-)

  27. Amazing work indeed! Thank you for sharing!

  28. Wouldn't you think that being able to create such beautiful art would be enough? But that's just a piece of it all...
    Great quote!

  29. We've been to The Louvre! It was crowded... this is much better.

  30. cool bike. ready for a ride. i wonder how to work? ( ;

  31. THe Virgin with St. Anne is one of my all-time favorite paintings, ever since art history class days. When we went to London I went to the National Gallery just to see that specific painting. This is a fabulous exhibit and I can't wait to see more.

  32. I hope they can save the self-portrait!

  33. @Revrunner: or whoever was behind it.

    @Joanne: thank you!

    @Magiceye: you're welcome.

    @Kay: he had quite a mind.

    @Jennifer: I liked this.

    @Beth: it would feel different.

    @Jeanie: I wasn't too familiar with that one.

    @Jenn: hopefully the process works.