Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sunsets And Dramatic Skies

These first two are from the same May evening. I was crossing the Mackenzie King Bridge over the Rideau Canal. The sun was setting almost over the Canal itself, a testament to how much it appears to shift in our sky from one part of the year to the other.

A few minutes later I was on the rooftop of the Rideau Centre mall photographing tulips. I went to photograph the twilight sky over the Byward Market. The spires of Notre Dame Basilica are at the heart of this shot.

In early June, here was the view.

One evening in mid-June, I was crossing the Bank Street Bridge into the Glebe. The sun was setting, relatively differently in the sky from where it is in the cold of winter, when it seems to be setting to the left of the Canal here. The sky caught my eye, particularly the presence of a sundog, which we see more often here in winter. I photographed it twice, the second time with a zoom on the sundog itself.

And in late June, here we have views from the Mackenzie King Bridge looking towards the setting sun.

In the first half of July, here was the sky from this spot.

A couple of days later I got a twilight view from the Bank Street Bridge again.

In the latter part of July, I was away for a few days to see my father in Guelph. Here we have sunset views, taken about twenty minutes apart, outside the retirement home where he lives.

And I finish off with this August view taken looking towards Gatineau from an overlook at the start of the Alexandra Bridge over the Ottawa River.


  1. Lovely photos. The one with the boat and the one with sunbeams are especially.

  2. Sunset shots are just about the best. A nice few days of posts as I catch up a bit.

  3. The sky looks quite dramatic, and I suspect that the political scene in Canada will be equally dramatic over the next few weeks.

  4. ...sunset is one of the best times of the day!

  5. These are terrific sunset photos. It's a wonderful time of the day, you never know just how dramatic the sky might get, especially if it has been a bit stormy that day.

  6. That first shot is wonderful. I love the silhouettes.

  7. @Maywyn: thanks!

    @Anvilcloud: I agree.

    @Marianne: that they were.

    @David: quite so.

    @Tom: definitely.

    @Shammickite: thanks!

    @Sharon: so do I.

    @Ella: thank you.

  8. Good sundog closeup, but I love that next to last picture the best. Beautiful skies! :-)

  9. very cool. creeping through the sky line ... very neat!! ( ;

  10. Sunbeams always add something to sunset shots!

  11. I always find the comparison of seasons interesting. Season change happen slowly but photography can show things much faster.

  12. Those magical minutes in the evening. You captured them beautifully!

  13. Such good sunset photos...makes the occasion which happens daily seem so beautiful!

  14. Fine photographs of the sunsets. Some of the buildings look remarkable in silhouette against those golden skies.

  15. Willaim they are just beautiful well worth the effort of recording

  16. @DJan: thank you.

    @RedPat: so do I.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Italiafinlandia: they do.

    @Red: that's quite true.

    @Marie: thanks!

    @Barbara: true.

    @John: I agree.

    @Francisco: thank you!

    @Bill: I think so too.

  17. Fabulous sun sets. All in the timing.

  18. Beautiful. River Oker will follow some time :-9

  19. Beautiful sunset photos, William.

  20. Lovely sunset shots!

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. These are such lovely photographs William.
    Wishing you a great weekend.

    All the best Jan

  22. Beautiful shots! Your first and third ones are my favorites. I like the reflected light in the June view.

  23. Beautiful sunsets over the canal:)

  24. The silhouettes in that sunset are especially beautiful.

  25. This view looks good at any time of the year William, I particularly like the view with the setting sun behind ✨

  26. Hello, pretty sky images. Lovely views too! Have a happy day and a great new week!

  27. beautiful, that vantage point is excellent (Mackenzie King Bridge), silhouetthed skyline is like fairy tale.

  28. @Happyone: thank you!

    @Fun60: indeed.

    @Iris: have fun doing that!

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    @Joanne: that they are.

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    @Jeanie: I agree.

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