Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Stroll Through The Park

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I crossed Wellington Street and went onto Plaza Bridge for this view. The Ottawa Locks are where the Rideau Canal meets the Ottawa River, descending through several locks set between Parliament Hill on the left and the Chateau Laurier on the right. Buildings down here in the saddle include a lockmaster station and the Bytown Museum, closer to the river, which was built as a commissariat during the days of the construction of the Canal.

I proceeded on into Major's Hill Park in the late afternoon light, where the fall colours stood out nicely.

Colonel John By, the British military engineer who led the building of the Canal, has his statue here.

This view looks out onto the Ottawa River with Gatineau on the far shore. The Museum of History is nestled on the shoreline. More from here tomorrow.


  1. Another set of great pictures. What a beautiful city.

  2. I love to see the beautiful colours and the lake.

  3. John By would be amazed to see the growth of the city since his time!

  4. Thank you for the title, my mind turned it into "a walk in" and BINGO... earworm! ;-)
    Ahhh, yes, let´s enjoy the colors as long as they are there!!! Beautiful.

  5. What a nice walk in the morning, sitting behind my computer !!

  6. Beautiful photos. The locks provide a neat view for the building beside them. I've only seen a triple lock. Those multiple locks are amazing.

  7. Gorgeous light and autumn colours in these beautiful images William 🍁

  8. Will be visiting Ottawa at the end of the month - looking forward to it.

  9. You had good skies in most of those photos.

  10. What a nice walk along these beautiful trees!
    Autumn is wonderful!

  11. That is so me beautiful leaf color and the crowns are still full. Lovely.

    Janis GDP

  12. ...and what could be better on a nice autumn day.

  13. gorgeous moments. love the fall scenes. ( ;

  14. I like the two paths diverging in the park...but also the great view of the river at the end.

  15. @Catarina: it is.

    @Nancy: I do too.

    @John: he would.

    @Italiafinlandia: very much so.

    @Jan: that they are.

    @Iris: now they are done.

    @Gattina: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @Maywyn: these are the biggest set in the system, I believe.

    @Agnes: thank you.

    @Grace: definitely.

    @David: if you'd like, we could meet up.

    @Bill: a rare sunny day.

    @Anvilcloud: some clouds though.

    @Marianne: yes it is.

    @Ella: very much so.

    @Janis: I agree.

    @Tom: true.

    @Beth: thank you.

    @Barbara: so do I.

  16. The fall colors add so much to these shots. Very nice.

  17. You've reminded me of one of my favorite mid-west memories. Walking on a crisp fall day among all the yellow and red trees and hearing the leaves crunch under my feet. I do miss that living in the desert.

  18. Fabulous fall colours, William !

  19. @Laurie: you're welcome.

    @Michelle: thank you!

    @Red: that they were.

    @Bergson: merci!

    @Sharon: I do like that.

    @Karl: I certainly thought so.

    @Marleen: that they were.

  20. Maybe some time I will get chance to see more of Canada.
    Coffee is on

  21. The late afternoon light is so pretty in these photos.

  22. A great series of photos, William. A beautiful autumn stroll indeed!

  23. You had lovely light in those pics!

  24. It’s a beautiful time of year to stroll through the park!

  25. Love the forth photo the most. You live in a beautiful place, and these tours as I have said before are awesome!

  26. And what a nice stroll it looks to be.

  27. @Dora: you should.

    @Lois: it is!

    @Marie: he was.

    @Mari: thanks.

    @Bill: thank you.

    @RedPat: I did.

    @Janey: that it is.

    @Gemel: thank you!

    @Happyone: it was.

  28. William - wonderful scenes, and well-captured. That is a dramatic set of locks! The fall color is so warming together with the sunlight. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  29. wonderful time walking through the park with your gorgeous photos ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. The pathway with the colourful fall trees look perfect for a nice stroll!

  31. What a lovely stroll that was, nice to see the beautiful colours.

    All the best Jan

  32. You had beautiful weather for your stroll, William!

  33. @Angie: thank you.

    @Kay: it does.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Jenn: definitely.

    @Jan: it was indeed.

    @Jeanie: that day, yes.