Sunday, November 3, 2019

Perspectives Of The Fall Season

Fall colours just around the twilight hour; I was passing through the Glebe neighbourhood.

The bright red of these leaves caught my eye in Little Italy.

My path on this particular day took me further along in Little Italy.

I carried on into the Hintonburg neighbourhood for these two shots.

While this was in Westboro.

On yet another day I was in Centretown and that flash of red caught my attention.

Earlier in the series I've shown you shots from the Bank Street Bridge overlooking the Rideau Canal. After I took those shots, I took this one. The water levels in the Canal are lowered for the winter after the Thanksgiving weekend.

On another day, I was out around the Lebreton Flats area. Fall colours can be seen around the Canadian War Museum. Beyond, the familiar rise of the Gatineau Hills is seen in the distance. I didn't get a chance this year to get out there to see fall colours.

Close by is the national Canadian Firefighters Memorial. A large statue of a firefighter stands across from a wall inscribed with names of firefighters who have given their lives in the lines of duty from each part of the country. Each September a service of commemoration is held here. The trees and bushes are part of the memorial, deliberately chosen by the landscape architect for their fall colours, mostly reds and oranges, a reminder of fire itself.


  1. Any day now there will be no more leaves on the trees for you to photograph.

  2. Very nice. I think foliage in the city is like walk through a special garden.

  3. Beautiful foliage.

    I like how the firefighter is pointing to safety.

  4. ...the color is wonderful, but your memorial sculptures are great.

  5. Wow! Some of the autumn colours are so incredibly vibrant, super series William ✨

  6. love the reds. very cool. great views. ( ;
    Sunday is here again.

  7. Gla to see your photos...and it reminds me to start posting mine! I've been taking them this last week, but havn't sat dowwn to do any editing. Somehow have lazy fingers which seem to make typing a bit hilarious.

  8. Oh the red leaves are gorgeous!!!

  9. The reds continue to impress! A firefighter was seriously Injured here yesterday.

  10. Good reflection on the canal.

  11. @Nancy: thank you.

    @Laurie: it is.

    @David: a lot of it is down.

    @Maywyn: I agree.

    @Marianne: definitely.

    @Sandi: I do too.

    @Jan: they are.

    @Tom: thanks.

    @Grace: thank you.

    @Beth: thanks.

    @Barbara: mine are edited.

    @Happyone: they are.

    @RedPat: I hadn't heard.

    @Red: thanks.

  12. The twilight hour makes colours more special...

  13. Autumn is beautiful in Ottawa. Nice photos, William.

  14. The red color is stunning! And a lot of thought went into placing the statue of the firefighter.

  15. I am enjoying these colours after all! I don't want to think about winter yet...

  16. @Marleen: they are.

    @Sharon: a lot of the colours are now down.

    @Italiafinlandia: that's what I thought.

    @Tamago: that they were.

    @Bill: thank you!

    @Alexandria: it did.

    @Catarina: but winter is a good thing.

  17. Beautiful photo perspective of the autumn season ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  18. The Firefighters Memorial is stunning... brilliant (in both senses of the word) tto landscape it in that way. Autumn looks wonderful in all the neighborhoods that you show!

  19. Lovely selection here, but it was the bright red of those leaves in Little Italy that was my favourite today.

    All the best Jan

  20. Such beautiful brilliant colors! We have a similar display around here, too. :-)

  21. Everything looks so pretty! (I'm going to head out on some travels for a while. I plan to comment when I have decent internet but I don't know how that will be. I've got posts up. See you when I'm back!)

  22. Such wonderful colours in the leaves:)

  23. @Mari: thank you.

    @Revrunner: quite so.

    @Carol: thanks.

    @Sallie: I agree.

    @Jan: they stand out.

    @Helen: very much so.

    @Magiceye: thank you.

    @Joanne: thanks!

    @DJan: good!

    @Marie: they are.

    @Kay: safe journeys!

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Gemel: very much so.

    @Rosie: indeed.

  24. Wow -- that burning bush is perfect red! Splendid!