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One of the first things one sees in this exhibit on Highland Warriors are these large photographs of effigies on graves in Iona Abbey, thought to date to the 14th or 15th century.

The double handled sword, also called a claymore, was a favoured one in the Highlands from the 16th to 17th centuries, as well as having a ceremonial importance for clan chieftains. The blade dates to around 1503, while the pommel and grip are later restorations.

Throughout this exhibit, panels explained elements of the history of Highland Warriors, evolving out of the clan into the contemporary idea of the Highland regiment, which is seen in numerous countries.

A view of Scotland.

Starting in the 16th century, the basket hilted sword took on more importance in the Highlands. These date to around 1650.

More weapons, as military tactics and technology developed.

The English Civil War would change things forever in the British isles, including for Highlanders and the system of the clans. Out of that, however, would come the idea of the Highland warrior as an integral part of a professional military.

Alma: Forward The 42nd is a painting by Robert Gibb, depicting the Black Watch during the battle of Alma in the Crimean War.

Here we have soldiers of the 72nd Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders, another veteran regiment of the Crimean War. I have more from this tomorrow.


  1. Wow. Impressive sword.
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  2. Interesting exhibition William.

  3. Looks like a very interesting exhibition !

  4. Very interesting exhibition …
    I wonder if I can lift the sword ?! 😅

  5. Interesting exhibits and good paintings.

  6. Really interesting, that Duke of Albany looked like a chap not to mess with, although I see a hint of sadness in him too.

  7. @Whisk: thank you.

    @Sami: it was.

    @Gattina: very much so.

    @Ella: they had a contemporary replica of a claymore. It was heavy enough.

    @Nancy: definitely.

    @Gemel: in this case it would have been soldier of a regiment bearing his title.

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  8. Nice mixture of art and artifacts

    1. I agree!
      We are a war-loving people, humans. Well, some of us.

  9. ...wars sure have been a part of history!

  10. This was all fascinating to me. Thank you for the wonderful history lesson. :-)

  11. There is Scottish blood in my veins. I love this exhibit.

  12. Those guys in the last pic look like modern day hipsters. ;-)

  13. It's hard to imagine men fighting with swords (and shields) wearing kilts...but obviously they did!

  14. They have a record of being fierce fighters.

  15. It was an interesting time but, I'm glad I wasn't there.

  16. I would not have liked to have been in battle against the Highland Warriors.

  17. @Anvilcloud: I thought so.

    @Jennifer: some indeed.

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  18. Love the 'Clan' ~ have Scottish heritage on paternal side ~ Fascinating post and photos!

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  19. The brutality of war fought with swords boggles my mind why the ouch factor didn't create a mass ending if war.

  20. The soldiers from the Crimean War look suitably dour. I wish all wars were in the distant past, but guess that will never happen.

  21. I love that painting of the Black Watch lads. And it seems I'm mentioning this on a lot of blogs I read but I'm reading a memoir by the owner of Scotland's largest 2nd hand bookstore, in Wigtown. For booksellers, anyway, it's a stitch!

  22. Those Highland Warriors look amazing.

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  23. @Bill: it is.

    @Carol: thanks!

    @Maywyn: you'd think so.

    @Sallie: that is true.

    @Catalyst: it's a good painting.

    @Jan: that they do.

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  24. Armed only with the great claymores and spurred on by the bodhran, the clans had to assimilate or be lost.

  25. Nice presentation in pictures and words.

  26. Interesting time, but I'm glad I didn't live back then.

  27. And to think that the three men in the last pictures are dangerous, military men -- possibly killers if need be.

  28. @Happyone: that it is.

    @Joanne: true.

    @Magiceye: I agree.

    @Lois: me too.

    @Rockinon: you wouldn't want to start a fight with them.

  29. The Highlanders were a fearless fighting force. My dad was with the Black Watch in the second world war.

  30. always been a fan of sword, find it very cool. wonder how tough it would be to - be in shape and work on of those well? i wonder? ( ;