Saturday, April 3, 2021

A Graceful Bridge Over Cold Waters

 Today I'm back in Strathcona Park where I left off a couple of days ago. I mentioned this bridge, spanning the Rideau River and linking Sandy Hill on this side over to the Vanier and Overbrook neighbourhoods beyond. There was a seasonal footbridge here for years, but washed away in 1952 and never replaced. In 2015 a new pedestrian bridge was opened up here. It is called the Adawe Crossing Bridge. Adawe is an Algonquin word meaning trade, and giving the bridge that name is a nod to the First Nations heritage of the area.

The river here is apparently shallow enough to be forded, but the bridge now means that's no longer needed. It's 125 metres long, and has two spheres added as an art installation.

Here we have the west entrance.

A view downstream, with some of the ice break up.

Ducks could be seen around the river.

The art installation is called A View From Two Sides, by Kenneth Emig. Consisting of two spheres suspended from either side of the bridge, it adds a visual element to things with the reflective surfaces at eye level. Irresistible for the photographer.

Here we have the one on the side facing upstream.

From mid way on the bridge, views looking downstream.

And upstream.

Another view looking westward. I had seen this bridge before on visits to Strathcona Park, but this was my first time on it.

The park is over there.

Another view as I was heading back, this including one of the spheres, with Vanier in the background. 


  1. William - these spheres are so clever! I love the practical use of them, and even more so the symbolism! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful blue sky, and the river is starting to flow again. Beautiful reflections on the spheres.

  3. Funny reflections of a beautiful landscape!

  4. What a nice walk ! But do you still have snow ? After a week of "summer" 22° they announced snow for next week here ! Crazy !

  5. Hello,

    Looks like a wonderful walk, beautiful views of the river, bridge and the art. Happy Easter, have a great weekend!

  6. @Angie: they caught my eye.

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Italiafinlandia: thanks!

    @Gattina:: very littlle snow now.

    @Eileen: it was a good walk.

  7. ...A View From Two Sides is wonderful! Enjoy your weekend William.

  8. Kevät saapuu, lumi sulaa ja jäät lähtee. Ihana aika.
    Teillä on enemmän lunta kuin meillä. Tosin Pohjois-Suomessa lunta on vielä paljon.
    Hyvää Pääsiäistä.

  9. Those reflectors are a great idea!

  10. Nice views over the river, that art installation is a fine bonus.
    Happy Easter, William.

  11. I also like to view rivers from the middle of the bridge so nice photos here.

  12. Great views and thank sou for the earworm ;-)

  13. You certainly are an amazing tourist guide? Have you ever thought of doing this professionally? You know the area so well.

  14. That artwork certainly gives all kinds of photo opportunities.

  15. Great views, Wiiliam. A View From Two Sides is brilliant and offers plenty of photo opps.

  16. The spheres are a great idea, William!

  17. Terrific views. Water does look cold but nice to see some blue sky!

  18. @Tom: thank you.

    @Francisco: thanks.

    @orvokki: thanks.

    @Magiceye: they are.

    @Jan: I agree.

    @Red: this is a good spot for it.

  19. @Iris: it seemed appropriate.

    @Shammickite: no, but I enjoy presenting it.

    @Sharon: it does.

    @Bill: definitely.

    @RedPat: indeed.

    @Happyone: it is.

  20. Love those arty orbs! And wonderful photos of a thawing river

  21. Shallow enough to be forded is not the same as shallow enough to be waded. Beautiful bridge.

  22. It's an elegant bridge and I like the reflections in the spheres:)

  23. That is the graceful bridge. I love the reflection spheres, especially.