Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Embassy Home

This is another view of the embassy of Armenia. I showed you the inside during Doors Open, and you can find the post here.


  1. impressive especially with that statue :)

  2. Simple, classic, stylish. What's not to like?

  3. mmm ... that staue is harking back to the USSR ...

  4. A country with an extraordinary history.

  5. Nice looking house. Interesting sculpture - I agree it has something ex-Soviet Union about it. They really should mow the lawn...

  6. Modest dwelling; kind of refreshing to see. Most Western embassies are so dollars!

  7. I love this… it is so inviting...

  8. Wonderful building, and looking at the post in which you've showed it before, the ambassador must have a great view from his balcony, I think.

  9. A very nice building and an eye-catching sculpture!

  10. @Halcyon: definitely!

    @Jen: I do like the statue.

    @Stuart: the architectural design stands out nicely.

    @Julie: there certainly are influences, yes.

    @Revrunner: indeed.

    @Mike: they should!

    @Bibi: in this case the house predates the embassy by decades.

    @Hilary: the architect worked wonders with the design.

    @Beth: so do I.

    @Jan: they must!

    @Tomas: I think so too.

    @Luis: indeed.

    @Tanya: I should photograph the place and the statue in the winter.

    @VP: and it fits in with the surroundings too.

    @Karl: it's quite stylish.

  11. Very grand. That is an interesting sculpture in the front yard.

  12. This reminds me of the old homes in my home town in Illinois. Lovely!

  13. Was good to link back and match the inside to the outside of the embassy William.. can you believe we had our open house weekend when I was in Sydney, typical :)

  14. @Sharon: and it's in such a lovely area.

    @Tex: I've always thought so.

    @Tahiti: It's a working embassy, but also a home, and quite a nice one.

    @Randy: definitely!

    @Lois: it's very fitting for the nation it represents.

    @Judy: the architect really had a great style when he came up with this one.

    @Grace: that's a nuisance!

  15. These houses are much more attractive than the ugly mansions built today.

  16. Another interesting house! So nice to see it still in use!

  17. I´m sure it has a lot of space inside. Beautiful house.

  18. If it wasn't for the sculpture and flag, it would just be a nice house!

  19. @Jose: thanks!

    @EG: there's a detail about it I hadn't noticed until today- the carved mountains near the rooftop.

    @Red: they certainly are.

    @Cheryl: a number of these old houses have found good use as embassies or ambassador residences.

    @Marleen: from what I saw, it was quite comfortable inside.

    @Norma: there are a few others that don't always open for a Doors Open, but every other year. I hope the Hungarian mission opens next year.

    @Ciel: both seem to compliment the house.

    @RedPat: I really like the architect's style. He did quite a number of homes here.

  20. It looks like a very welcoming and comfortable embassy.

  21. As I recall, this was one of my favorite embassies of those you showed. Still is.

  22. It's a lovely building and a very interesting sculpture in the front.

  23. This place has a lot of architectural character. It looks like it resides in an attractive neighborhood.

  24. I wonder how many hours it would take one person to clean the entire inside?

  25. A modest charm. That sculpture is overcompensating I think

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  26. 'Tis a lovely and large mansion, aptly suited, I'd guess, for whatever it is that embassies of Armenia do.

  27. @Kate: I've found it so in the past.

    @Kay: it is a marvelous building.

    @Denise: I have to stop by again.

    @Jack: it certainly does.

    @Whisk: they must have a full time house keeper.

    @Cloudia: I've always liked that sculpture.

    @Lowell: I imagine they do a lot of tourism business with Canada.

    @Linda: it is indeed.

    @Jennifer: that it is.