Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lord Elgin

Carrying on, we have here a mostly monochrome shot in Confederation Park. The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument stands across from the Lord Elgin Hotel in the early evening.


  1. Statues make wonderful subjects for projects like this, two super shots William.

  2. A great picture, love the almost monochrome tone and the imposing background of the hotel.

  3. Looks like ol' Lord Elgin is about to fly away. :-)

  4. We have a Lord Elgin in Bruce County, but it is a restaurant famous for its Fish & Chips, which is located in Port Elgin, ON Great backdrop for the monument

  5. You, like I, seem to be particularly sensitive to war memorials these days.

  6. so beautiful… makes me want to put on a dressy dress and twirl around

  7. I really like the contrast of the monument and the building behind it.

  8. One of my all time favorite words: elgin. I just love the sound of it coming off the lips. Lordy, Lordy!

  9. Looks like the backdrop for a movie scene....

  10. Good eye in this one. I did stay in the Lord Elgin one time.

  11. @Grace: thanks!

    @VP: I want to photograph this again in winter.

    @Revrunner: so it does!

    @Tomas: I've always thought so!

    @Cindy: I imagine the Elgin name is in many, many places.

    @Kate: most definitely.

    @Hilary: that would be a different reaction!

    @EG: yes, I had one other, but I felt the monument in the pic worked better.

    @Luis: I haven't photographed the Lord Elgin nearly as much as the Chateau Laurier, but they're both beautiful hotels.

    @Birdman: it does have a good sound to it.

    @Norma: it does!

    @Tex: so did I.

    @Red: I've only been inside on the ground level to photograph Christmas decorations.

  12. The monument and background make for an interesting shot. Nicely composed.

  13. Nice image! Looks like the statue is about to fly away!

  14. Nicely done. I'm wondering if that's an eagle on the head of the Lord?

  15. I love the muted colors and the lighting.
    Greensboro Daily Photo

  16. @Judy: thank you!

    @Ciel: so did I.

    @Linda: and there's a whole lot of statue to carry away!

    @RedPat: thanks!

    @Lowell: it is, but it's not the Lord! I'll have to photograph it again in daylight. That monument is fascinating, and it's been awhile since I last photographed it.

    @Janis: thanks!

  17. This is such a beautiful photo! Great monument and the hotel in the back looks beautiful. Must be one of the nicest hotel, maybe with long history. The monument and hotel together, with the lights gives very elegant atmosphere!

  18. Very Canadian and un-ordinary to thank the First Nation vets! What a civilized photo

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  19. Nice perspective. Looks like it is a nice scene where it stands.

  20. The hotel makes a beautiful backdrop to the monument. Wonderful shot!

  21. The photo looks a bit spooky, early or late?

  22. @Tamago: it looks older than it is. It dates back to the Forties.

    @Cloudia: that monument's a really good one. Time to photograph it again!

    @Bill: it's pleasant there many times through the year.

    @Kay: thank you!

    @Peter: early in the evening. The sun had set a little bit before.

  23. A wonderful monument shot William, and a lovely time of the day to take it.

  24. i am curious about all those windows. ( ;

  25. In night shots, the light can often be really harsh. This one has a very gentle light. Well done.

  26. It is quite a stately monument in front of a stately hotel.

  27. the lights on the building behind actually make the monument stand out more.
    (loved your Shakespeare comment on my post, btw!)

  28. Really great photo! First the statue and then the eye is drawn to the building.

  29. @Denise: thanks!

    @Beth: they've got a lot of them!

    @Hilary: thank you.

    @Randy: thanks!

    @Jack: I agree.

    @Hamilton: true!

    @Jen: definitely!

    @Cheryl: thank you!

    @Shelly: I can see that.

    @Pat: that's true.