Thursday, November 13, 2014

Her Royal Majesty

This is one of the residents in my sister-in-law's place in Guelph. She and my nephews call her Isis, a fitting name considering the Egyptians worshiped cats. She no doubt thinks of herself as Isis The Majestrix, Tormentor Of Mice, Keeper Of The Royal Catnip, And Slayer Of The Ball Of Yarn.

It's probably a good idea to let her nap. Supreme lifeforms like cats need their customary eighteen hours of sleep a day, you know.


  1. Complete Cat Post!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  2. Eighteen hours? Is she an insomniac? No self-respecting cat sleeps fewer than 20. ;)

  3. I was just going to say what ? Cats sleep much more that 18 hours !
    Beautiful photo and cat.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Interesting photo and write up. Best wishes

  5. Reminds me of my old cat Nipper, he was the same color.

  6. Ah yes. So why do I only get 4 to 8? :-)

  7. She does look very comfortable there!

  8. Oh yes she is the Queen. We often sit aside to give her space to sleep, how mad can you be....

  9. We have friends in the States with a cat named Isis... the reign is the same.

  10. that is a whole lot of sleep. yawn! ha. ha!! ( :

  11. Awwww Her Majesty! She is such a beautiful kitty and enjoying her royal nap!
    Looks like her servant put a blanket on her :-) She's got good servants!

  12. The cats and dogs are beloved animals, and to sleep what they want.


  13. I wish I could be a cat ... sleeping 18 hours a day ... mmm

  14. She's a beauty..and no doubt knows it!

  15. Makes me wish I could be reborn as a cat.
    Jane x

  16. Royals really need so many hours of sleep ? :-)

  17. @Cloudia: it seemed time for her to show off!

    @Hilary: I may have been underestimating her sleep cycle.

    @Parsnip: she is a cutie.

    @Jen: that appears to be a common reaction!

    @MB: I'm envious!

    @Joseph: thanks!

    @Revrunner: the sleepiness is contagious!

    @Bill: among the many cats we've had growing up, I'm sure we had at least one of this shade. I think possibly one that was named Pepper.

    @Ciel: that's certainly not enough!

    @Halcyon: she's well settled in.

  18. @Marianne: if the cat wants the whole couch to herself, she must have it.

    @Stuart: My parents also had a cat named Isis.

    @Beth: she must be dreaming of shredding a coat.

    @Tamago: she has them well trained.

    @Anna: that would be nice!

    @Norma: oh, she does!

    @Jane and Chris: me too!

    @Karl: they do!

  19. I thought I was Isis when we were in Egypt William :) This sweet little pussy cat is a more likely possibility.

  20. Isis? But I was not thinking of the Egyptian goddess...

  21. I've got 2. One is on that 18 hour sleep cycle. The other one is closer to 22. Ha.

  22. Looking very royal in this shot....and content.

  23. This picture is making me a little sleepy!

  24. @Grace: she really is adorable.

    @Tanya: they have such good lives, after all.

    @VP: these days, no, those lunatics have hijacked the name.

    @Birdman: ah, to sleep twenty two hours a day!

    @Judy: she's definitely content.

    @Lois: me too!

  25. Her Majesty looks very regal here.

  26. Now this post has made my day. Adorable. Thanks, William, just what I needed. :)

  27. Oh, and this is one of my favourite quotes. LOL! :)
    “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” - Terry Pratchett

  28. My cats sleep twenty-three hours of the day! The hour they're awake is devoted to their food and litter box! Now that they're old, they don't even pretend to enjoy cuddling!

  29. This beauty must be related to our cats. They also sleep a lot and run the world when they're awake!

  30. @Tex: and she knows it.

    @Sharon: with a nice warm throw rug at her disposal.

    @Lauren: I could really use eighteen hours.

    @Linda: I have heard that quote before!

    @Cheryl: well they need their sleep!

    @Lowell: cats have always run the world!

    @RedPat: and dreaming of kitty things.

    @Marleen: she's a sweetheart.

  31. Cats seem to sleep in the most amazing contortions. Sometimes I think their spines must be made of rubber bands.

  32. She looks very regal, and a pretty cat.

  33. It makes me want to jump through the screen and pet her.

  34. Very regal in sleep. Our cat also sleeps most of the day. Royalty can do what ever it chosoes don't you know!

  35. Ever cute! Our sleep an hour, then go back outdoors for an hour!

  36. Cats DO know HOW to take life easy and Isis certainly does it well.

  37. @Kay: it could be!

    @Randy: she is.

    @Denise: quite a darling. I think she's passed over the rainbow bridge.

    @Janis: and earn some purrs at the same time.

    @Jack: definite royalty.

    @Glennis: one can never have too many naps.

    @Jan: it's quite a life!

    @Jennifer: that's cats for you.

    @Beatrice: indeed!