Monday, March 30, 2015

After Winter, Spring Eventually Shows Up... Or Not

Spring still seems elusive in these parts, though supposedly there will be a warm-up sometime this week. This is Central Park in the Glebe neighbourhood. At least around the edges of the park, snow is giving way.


  1. Actually, I think this back and forth as seasons' verge one of the cool things about the temperate zone, my Bro!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Your heading is so beautiful. The bridge is wonderful.
    I remember all the lovely tulip photos from last year.
    Yes I hope you have spring soon, we are heading into summer already. It is knocking on our door. Getting the garden ready and the shade cloth up !
    In fact I am turning on the pool heater about the second week in April.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. You have to give it time we say around here. Everything follows its course but ... give it time!.


  4. looks like a nice place and I like that shadow :)

  5. Yes, we are trying to get to Spring.

  6. looks like not to me. we are having 30's lately. it is nuts. spring is hiding. ( :

  7. That's a lovely scenery. I do see snow getting thinner. I'm looking forward to your spring pictures :-)

  8. Never mind the snow..I'm focussed on the header!!
    Jane x

  9. Wonderful winter scene at the beginning of spring.
    We seem to be back in autumn with stormy winds and a lot of rain.

  10. It's getting a slow start in your area.

  11. we were in the 80s F here yesterday. summer came quickly. :)

  12. That is a beautiful park photo. You can tell the snow is rotting away. :) Your header photo is gorgeous. Have a great week.

  13. It's been quite a winter for those in the North, for sure. I couldn't believe there was more snow and ice over the weekend.

  14. @Cloudia: that's true. This morning we had snow again.

    @Parsnip: we shall see if spring shows up later this week.

    @Tomas: time will tell.

    @Peter: I do like this park.

    @Jen: so did I.

    @Luis: it seems very elusive as of yet, but the signs are still there.

    @Marianne: eventually, someday!

    @Beth: old man winter is taking an encore bow.

    @Tamago: I've got something taken this morning that points to spring.

    @Karl: Well, the Canal is starting to look that way.

    @Jane and Chris: and such a nice looking header too.

    @Jan: here it's snow and grey skies today.

    @Sharon: a very slow start.

    @Tex: it'll be awhile before we see those temps.

    @Pamela: thank you!

    @Linda: and more snow today!

  15. Ontario got their money's worth in winter this year.

  16. A lovely new header! That will put spring in your mind. I do wish, though, that you'd keep your Canadian cold fronts in Canada. We got another one last night and the temp was 39 F this morning. In Florida! That's illegal and immoral and lots of other things but this is probably a family blog and I'm not allowed to say them! :)

  17. The snow is melting---YAY!!
    Love the new header and soon the flowers will be bursting out all over.

  18. You have a lot of spring in your header!

  19. It is all gone here except for a few bits of icy snow in deeply shaded areas.

  20. @Red: we had quite a winter.

    @Lowell: but winter and cold are good things!

    @MB: it'll take some time, but spring will bring flowers!

    @VP: it was about time to get spring in the header!

    @RedPat: it'll probably be a couple of weeks before we're at that stage.

  21. Great photo! I'm glad spring is finally coming your way.

  22. I'm sure it won't be long, at least I hope :)

  23. No snow on the rooftops!!!! That's a sign!!!

  24. It just got cold here again and they say it might snow tomorrow.

  25. We got down in the forties night before last. Have I said how ready for spring I am?

  26. The waiting is always the hardest.

  27. I think that's a really lovely picture, I'm sure the snow will leave shortly

  28. you should see a bit of a melt later in the week.

  29. @Loire: it seems a very slow process this year.

    @Revrunner: that's an apt score.

    @Denise: at this point, who knows?

    @Ciel: that's true.

    @Halcyon: I'm not expecting a real warm up until the middle of April.

    @Cheryl: for your part of the continent, that's cold.

    @Marleen: a lot of gardeners are anxious.

    @Jennifer: I'm thinking not.

    @Geoff: thanks!

    @Gill: we'll see!

  30. Spring is on its way, but it is taking its time here and there, esp in your area and ours. I really, really like the color in your banner!

  31. Winter's certainly not going willingly. Those long shadows certainly don't say "spring" to me!

  32. I'm sure that you don't mind the snow hanging around William :)

  33. The spring is lazy this year in Ottawa ...

  34. Still snow? We've been in the 80s. Almost time to go to the beach!:) I've gone to the dark side, William.

  35. It's Tuesday 31 of March as I write this and it snowed all ding dong day.

  36. I'll take my desert spring day of 85 degrees anytime over suffering through something like your photograph.

  37. It was 3°C here today and they are predicting 17°C for Thursday. With lots of rain to take all our snow away. Can't wait!!!

  38. In Florida, if we're lucky, we'll get about 2 weeks worth of Spring.

  39. @Kate: it always takes its time.

    @Norma: snow can go into April.

    @Randy: it does often!

    @Kay: the same applies this year.

    @Grace: oh, I love it.

    @Tahiti: it often is!

    @Krisztina: thanks!

    @Whisk: that happens here too.

    @Mari: I love the winter!

    @Jen: it's probably around the freezing mark here today.

    @Shelly: we get a relatively short one.