Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cead Mile Failte

That means a hundred thousand welcomes in Irish, the language of kings.

Yesterday the St. Patrick's Day parade wound its way from City Hall, along Laurier Avenue and Bank Street, to Lansdowne Park. I snapped some shots, which I'll be sharing today, tomorrow, and Tuesday before moving onto other things. There is a large Irish population here in Ottawa and the surrounding area, and as such, it was a long parade group and a long route. There were a lot of people along the route, though I took my shots from places where gaps could be found, so the number of onlookers isn't quite that apparent.

I really liked these two big horses, bearing the parade's grand marshal in the carriage.


  1. A great day for the Irish!


    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. And a great day for Ottawa. The snow has melted and color has returned to the streets! Spring is upon us!


  3. Interesting to know, William, here we have not a large Irish population and consequently not a St. Patrick's Day parade ...

  4. Looks they want to please people, which has been saddened at with the cold has made.


  5. It looks a bit wet in the street for the parades.

  6. A fun time of year, although it's not really celebrated much here.

  7. Very nice! I saw a lot of green on the train today - I suspect we had a celebration somewhere too...

  8. The horses are gorgeous and I do love a pipe band :)

  9. Our parade is today. Small but effective. Good pipe bands and Guinness at an Irish pub after. Nice.

  10. nice when a parade gets good turnout!

  11. A combination of things make a good parade...colorful floats, lots of music, great weather and a good crowd. Then somebody like you takes advantage of the situation and gets great photos.

  12. I think the sound was very present as well! ;)

  13. I totally forgot about St. Patrick's Day. Looks like it was a lovely parade!

  14. Looks like fun. I bet we had a parade....I missed it.

  15. Fun, William. I also love the two horses, and I prefer to see two horses on carriages as opposed to just one.

  16. That's a nice parade, but it would have been even more fun with some sun, I think.

  17. Ah, what fun, William! St. Paddy would be pleased with these photos. :)

  18. Our parade is today. It's windy but not too cold so there should be a lot of people out here too! Slainte!

  19. @Cloudia: and those who'd like to be Irish!

    @Janis: oh, we've still got a lot of snow around, and got more of it in the night.

    @Karl: there wouldn't be in your part of Europe.

    @Tomas: there was actually freezing rain falling during the parade.

    @Marianne: this time of year, it's to be expected.

    @Luis: so do I.

    @Halcyon: it all depends on where you are.

    @Hilary: it was.

    @Aimee: it's a good celebration.

    @Grace: I like the pipes too.

    @Birdman: the pubs will be busy on Tuesday.

    @Tex: even in this weather.

    @Red: I was lucky getting these shots in.

    @Marleen: I love the sound of the pipes.

    @Tamago: it's very big here. I'll have to wear something green on Tuesday.

    @Judy: some of them here are on Saturday, some on Sunday.

    @Linda: these two were huge.

    @Jan: sun on a parade like this seems to be rare!

    @EG: and St. Paddy will be forthcoming!

    @RedPat: hopefully a crack smoking ex-mayor stays away!

    1. I wonder if they were Clydesdales. Whatever they are, they are beautiful and majestic.

  20. Love this! My only St. Patrick's Day parade was a few years ago in... London!

  21. I love the big horses too. The bagpipers are neat too. Pouring rain here---boo hiss!

  22. Didn't realize Canada celebrated St. Paddy's day, too! Good shots!

  23. @Sharon: I'm glad that shot came through.

    @Norma: I saw some of the pics in Bob's blog!

    @Ciel: plenty of green, too.

    @VP: I enjoy attending these.

    @MB: more of it to come!

    @Jen: thanks!

    @Cheryl: we certainly do.

  24. Sorry about the freezing rain. The photos are great!

  25. March is a terrible time to have a parade. But I guess the Irish are hardy souls!

  26. A hundred thousand thank yous for your welcomes? LOL

  27. William we both had parades, I'm sure they were as splendid as each other...

  28. i love their clothing ... i hope they were warm. brrr!! ( :

  29. Freezing rain? That would dampen my enthusiasm!
    Those are gorgeous draft horses!

  30. My children's father was of Irish descent. My daughter, Caitlin, did an independent project learning Gaelic! What a fun time of year for all!

  31. Looks like Shire draft horses. That would make sense as they are an English breed.

  32. Was there anything good to eat at the parade?

  33. So love the stylish carriage. And the horses seem very intent on their serious duty.

  34. @Joanna: freezing rain is the only winter weather I dislike.

    @Hamilton: but when else to have a St. Pats parade?

    @Eve: thank you!

    @Geoff: this one's a big one.

    @Beth: they were well dressed for it.

  35. @Kay: that they are.

    @Jennifer: I've got no Irish in me.

    @Mari: they could be.

    @Whisk: oddly no, that's left to the pubs!

    @Gemma: they were!