Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bringing Back The Hardware

While Americans are busy obsessing on college basketball, our Canadian national university basketball championships wrapped up a few days ago. The Carleton Ravens men's team won the trophy yet again. This is the fifth consecutive win and the eleventh national championship in the last thirteen years.


  1. Not all of us. I could give a crap about basketball. I'm more of a Great British Bake-Off, gal, myself.

  2. Then I encourage them they go for the sixth and those who come after !


  3. Congratulations to the Ravens!

  4. Reminds me a bit of the Stanley cup!

  5. I am not a sporty figure and know nothing about basketball but the trophy looks beautiful.

  6. I can honestly say I'm one American who does not obsess over basketball on any level. Even though I attended a university--St. Louis U.--where basketball is king, it's the sport I like least.

  7. doesn't sound like they have a lot of competition!

  8. There must be some amazing players and a fabulous coach on that team!

  9. Well, congratulions to The Carleton Ravens.
    I'm more a fan of skating and cycling.

  10. That's a striking trophy. We really don't have much for basketball in this country although is big in high schools.

  11. @Whisk: I'm not one for the sport, though seeing the team consistently manhandle the competition and win year after year is fun

    @Tomas: they must.

    @Tamera: they did good again this year.

    @Halcyon: it does have that look.

    @Gill: I tend to go for hockey or baseball.

    @Marianne: they might have to add onto it, because it's running out of room for yearly plaques.

    @EG: not so much to other university teams!

    @Karl: I certainly do think so.

    @Norma: it's even bigger in Indiana, where the Hoosiers is everything.

    @Tex: the only team that tends to give them trouble is the cross town University of Ottawa team. Otherwise they maul most other teams.

    @Linda: it's been great players and a coaching staff that has spent years seeking out good talent at the high school level.

    @Jan: everyone's taste in sports differ.

    @Marleen: it is quite big at this point.

    @Red: it's bigger south of the border. Hockey is more the Canadian thing.

  12. Good for them!

    Nice trophy, BTW.

  13. If you pull it in, could work as your theme day portrait shot William :)

  14. Let's see, I think I heard that West Virginia U. meets the U. of Kentucky late this Thursday night. That should be a good one.

  15. I've never gotten into basketball! But what a team!

  16. Congratulations! I am not so much into sport now, but I liked it a bit more when I was younger...

  17. I'm looking forward to change the main photo on your blog.
    Soon spring.

  18. Congratulations. This is a lovely trophy.

  19. @Sharon: they should just park it here on campus permanently at this rate.

    @Birdman: it definitely looks that way.

    @Cheryl: they did good!

    @Grace: yes, I'm in there too!

    @Revrunner: all I know is Larry Wilmore is making some strange promises about the outcome!

    @RedPat: they've been at the top for years.

    @VP: for me it depends on the sport.

    @Mariusz: yes, I meant to do that. I might do it this evening before I go.

    @Ciel: we shall see!

    @Anna: they did good.

    @Linda: I do think so.

  20. That is quite a trophy. I am one American not obsessing on college basketball by the way! College football, however, is a different story.

  21. Congrats on the trophy. Can't say I follow any sports, U.S., Canadian, pro or college or otherwise.

  22. My hubby used to adore March Madness! We don't watch hockey at all, unless it's the big international final.

  23. what a lovely and interesting looking trophy :)

  24. @Geoff: it is.

    @Lois: I don't get football.

    @Kay: I'm not too crazy about sports.

    @Randy: it's quite a record. The team won this year's championship too.

    @Linda: that team is exceedingly good, and considering how many times in the last few years they've won, that's credit to the coaching and scouting, because it's not as if these athletes are at the university beyond their usual academic time.

    @Jennifer: I don't catch much of it.

    @Jen: that it is.

    @Jen: it was good for them.