Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Old Stone Presbyterian Church

One of my stops during Doors Open was a return to Knox Presbyterian Church.

I like the carving above the sanctuary entrance. The inscription above reads "I am alpha and omega; the beginning and the end."

The east window above the altar was designed by a Scottish artist, William Wilson, who incorporated twenty thousand pieces of glass into the work. It carries the theme of the coming of Christ.Years later he would design the church's west window, which I will show you tomorrow.


  1. I'm with Cloudia, that was my thought too. A beautiful solid church.. I like Presbyterian churches very much.

  2. Very nice pictures of the inside of the church.

  3. Well, you can easily see why they call it the old "stone" church. :-)

  4. Wow, twenty thousand pieces of glass...that's amazing! The window does look beautiful!

  5. Love stone. Love old stone churches. Love stained glass. Love it all!

  6. That is a beautiful church.

  7. Twenty thousand?? Wow, that is a lot of glass to weld together.

  8. Beautiful details on the window and above.

  9. @Cloudia: very much so!

    @Grace: so do I.

    @Marianne: thank you!

    @Revrunner: lots of stone!

    @Tamago: the one I'll show tomorrow is even more impressive.

    @Lowell: thanks!

    @Deb: I certainly think so.

    @Sharon: it was quite an achievement.

    @Jose: very much so, yes.

    @Norma: yes it is.

    @Tex: a lot!

  10. We're featuring a Presby church, too!
    But you went inside !


  11. I cannot imagine designing a window with 20,000 pieces! I would get very confused, I fear.

  12. Nice new header. Now it's probably been there awhile for me to notice it. 20000 pieces of glass! what an effort.

  13. I love the architectural details!

  14. Quite old-fashioned and impressive!

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  16. Lovely details but so empty? No one else visiting?

  17. 20.00 pieces of glass ... Oh my, I don't think I have ever counted that far ...

  18. I like the exterior stonework and the interior carving, very lovely...

  19. i love that arch way ... way cool. kind of a secret pathway ... well, not really but neat-o!! have a happy day! ( :

  20. I like the look of this church's entrance, William.

  21. @Janis: I liked yours!

    @EG: it would be far beyond my meagre abilities.

    @Red: it's quite an achievement.

    @Judy: thanks!

    @Linda: so did I.

    @VP: it's quite an inviting sanctuary, more austere than a Catholic church, which often has the tendency to go over the top.

    @Birdman: I haven't paid too much attention, but given the way the team played in the last third of the season, they've got real promise for next year.

    @RedPat: it certainly is.

  22. @Marleen: I thought so.

    @Ciel: actually there were others in the church. When I took that sanctuary shot, for instance, there were two or three people speaking with one of the volunteers, as well as people in the balcony. I try to photograph when possible without people.

    @Jan: that's a lot of work.

    @Geoff: it's a church with a lot of character.

    @Randy: quite so!

    @Janey: it definitely is.

    @Beth: thank you!

    @Lynette: so do I.

  23. I like the stone walls and the carving above the door!

  24. It truly is magnificent. And the scale of work in the window is awe inspiring.