Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tulip Beds Along The Memorial

The National War Memorial near Parliament Hill is also a key spot for tulips, which can be found ringing the perimeter of the monument.

That deep purple is usually found in display here each year, along with one or two other colours.

The Memorial, called The Response, has soldiers as sentries by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This tradition will continue this year into November.

This weekend is Doors Open here in Ottawa, so I don't quite know how much I'll be around. I will no doubt be playing catch up after the weekend.


  1. They put the right ones around this magnificent memorial... Good luck with your open house weekend!

  2. The first picture of exposure is beautiful, but also the others, but the first wins.


  3. A lovely natural edging too a dramatic monument.

  4. White and violet are beautiful together.
    Nice to see the big buildings there, too.

  5. what will replace the tulips? Are there other flowers that will sprout?


  6. I think the tulips have all gone by now and wonder indeed as above question what will replace them?

  7. I'm thinking someone in parliament must have stock in a tulip company. :-)

  8. This sculpture is amazing, I remember being so impressed the first time you showed it William.. The tulips are a lovely seasonal enhancement.

  9. The farmers in the valley have already dug up this Springs Tulip bulbs are are busy planting another crop.

  10. I think the "black" are definitely my favourite. They make such a great contrast when mixed with white ones.

  11. I love the purple ones but, are those black ones too?

  12. Enjoy the Doors Open - I haven't posted from ours yet but will start tomorrow.

  13. It seems to be a very fitting flower for the War Memorial.

  14. I had to look up what this Doors Open thing is. neat idea!

  15. I've visited your War Memorial. Its imposing design pulls everyone in. One day I hope we revisit when the tulips are in bloom. I know people who've been. They say it's magnificent.

  16. Love those deep purple ones!

  17. @Whisk: thanks!

    @VP: I've been to quite a lot already, and more to come tomorrow!

    @Tomas: I liked the effect of the light this particular day.

    @Chrissy: it's a great combination.

    @Orvokki: one of those buildings in the background I need to photograph on its own- the Chambers is a beautiful building.

    @Janis: they do plant some summer flowers after the festival is over, including here, but there are also other plants that they leave alone and grow back each year.

    @Marianne: mostly a lot of greenery, but there are the odd poppies mixed in.

    @Revrunner: that could be!

    @Grace: it's a monument that really stands out to me, particularly these days.

    @Tex: thus far it's been fun!

  18. @MB: it's been done here as well. I will have to photograph what's replaced them.

    @Birgitta: so do I.

    @Jose: they contrast so well.

    @Sharon: I think it depends on the light. They're such a dark purple that they can look black.

    @RedPat: it'll be a few days before I get mine started, and I've already got a lot of shots in.

    @Red: it really is. The dark purple is very dignified.

    @Janey: it's a wonderful event, and this year a lot of people have been out.

    @Kittie: it's a magnificent monument.

    @Stuart: so do I!

  19. Tulips are a perfect accent for that wonderful sculpture!

  20. These dark tulips are a good choice in the neighbourhood of the National War Memorial.

  21. The deep purple is a gorgeous colour tone. A grand way to frame an iconic sculpture.

  22. This is so poignant.
    We're off for a biopsy Monday. Again. Still haven't been downtown in ages!

  23. I'm going to miss the tulips when this series ends!

  24. @Cheryl: they certainly are.

    @Geoff: thanks!

    @Jan: they're so appropriate for the place.

    @Gemma: I certainly think so!

    @Mari: it is.

    @Randy: definitely.

    @Jennifer: last year it wasn't possible to photograph- the ground around the memorial was being worked on, so the whole site was inaccessible until August.

    @Norma: I know!

  25. I look forward to seeing the photos you take at Open Doors!

  26. I'm starting to think that a tulip is like a woman's little black dress: perfect for any occasion.

  27. Those deep purple tulips are gorgeous! I've never seen them that shade of purple before.

    1. They have at least some of them each year. I really like that shade.