Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Ice In The Park

There is a stage set up in the park for music performances during Winterlude. This grand piano, carved out of ice, is beside the stage.

This is one of the smaller ice sculptures set up through the park, perfect for posing with. In this case it's a beaver.

This large sculpture was commissioned by the European Union to mark 40 years of having a presence in Canada. This is the sculpture I showed the other day in the first post; the carvers were just starting to work on it at the time.

This sculpture was done for the Canadian Museum of Nature, depicting a beetle. The Museum is doing an exhibit at the moment on bugs; it's about time I stop in there and show you inside the place.

This large wall is from Parks Canada, containing images within the ice. They originate from various locations in Canada's Far North and the national parks up there.

Finally, this one was one I showed you being worked on in my first post. It was done to mark the centennial this year of the founding of the National Research Council. You might remember my post about one of the NRC's buildings here in the city. I'll be showing this sculpture again under different circumstances before we're through.


  1. Just one word: wonderful!


  2. Fantastic sculptures, William, they are real artists !

  3. Gosh they're fabulous William, it almost makes them even more fabulous that they are here today, gone tomorrow!

  4. Looks like it's going to be another great year for taking photos of the sculptures, William. I love the beaver and the bug especially. :)

  5. @Tex: indeed!

    @Tomas: thanks!

    @Karl: they are!

    @Marianne: I thought so!

    @Grace: relatively speaking it is a short time.

    @EG: thank you!

  6. Great sculptures! I love the exhibit of images within the ice. That's very cool. I have a mixed feeling about seeing big bug, but the beetle sculpture is beautiful :-)

  7. Some neatice sculptures there! Always enjoy your ice sculpture series.

  8. You never fail to share something worthwhile!

  9. Oh to see someone at the grand piano!


  10. Lot's of artistry went into these sculptures.

  11. Members of the community have really bought into winterlude and have supported it with their money.

  12. @Tamago: bugs do seem a bit icky, don't they?

    @Gnome: thanks!

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Janis: ah, but it seems to have been inaccessible, alas!

    @Sharon: a whole lot, yes.

    @Red: it has become an institution here.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me the wonderful works of art that can be created out of a block of ice. Such talent! Your photos are great :)

  14. These sculptures really are amazing. I like the EU mention. :)

  15. Fabulous sculptures. The grand piano and the NRC ones are nice.

  16. Looks like the exhibit is taking shape. Can't wait to see more!

  17. Pity you can't play the piano! I looooove that beaver!
    And I have to admit I like the EU one too!

  18. I'll bet that piano has a rather cold tone! What I like about these sculptures is that they have some meaning and substance to them.

  19. Those ice sculptures are magnificent. Especially love the detail of the grand piano.

  20. @Denise: thanks!

    @VP: I agree.

    @Halcyon: the EU diplomatic mission isn't that far away from here, actually.

    @Pamela: that piano had to have taken great care.

    @Lauren: My question right now is will this go on past the end of the month! I've taken perhaps four hundred shots!

    @Marleen: usually they try to avoid horizontal surfaces with ice sculptures.

    @Ciel: there are always two to four larger ice sculptures in the open, and this year it's four of them.

    @Lowell: I wonder if, given the tone of the previous government, that NRC sculpture would have been erected. The previous federal government was noted for its loathing of science.

    @MB: thank you!

    @Gemma: I did too.

  21. These ice carvings are quite varied, with all sorts of things represented. Must be fun to see them.

  22. I'm waiting from someone to do a sculpture of Trump. It could be called Trump L'oeil. :-)

  23. love the piano or the beetle. i have never, that is too awesome!! i find them very cool. neat seeing it in ice form. ( :

  24. Great serie, Willaim, I like them all so far.

  25. I can't beleive it...a grand piano carved out of ice...wonderful stuff William..

  26. @Jack: It is!

    @Revrunner: Trump would make me throw up. If Donald Trump were trapped in a burning car, I'd let the blowhard cook.

    @Beth: thank you!

    @Jan: I'm enjoying getting these posts together. Lots more to come.

    @Geoff: it's an astonishing thing. The only thing I've seen like this with an emphasis on the horizontal was a biplane carved years ago.

  27. The first and the last are the most fantastic.

  28. Lots of variety and I LOVE the piano.

  29. These are all great. The piano in particular is wonderful, the beaver is cute, and that bug...well, it's the stuff of bad dreams if you're not fond of bugs.

  30. I could have sworn I posted a comment here. I did share it on Google +....

  31. It is amazing what they can do in an hour!

  32. Creativity is awesome. I seen on T.V a special from the area you have displayed your beautiful takes.

    Nice you can just go over and see the real displays.

  33. @Blogoratti: indeed.

    @Mari: thank you.

    @Lois: I did too.

    @Birgitta: that they are.

    @Kate: I did as well.

    @Kay: true!

    @Norma: that happens.

    @Bill: indeed!

    @Linda: it is.

    @Carolann: thanks!