Friday, September 9, 2016

Nepean Point Views

One day early last month I headed up to Nepean Point, behind the National Gallery, for some views over the Ottawa River, looking east, north, and west over Ottawa and Gatineau.

There is a sculptural work here, a large steel spire meant to evoke the trunk of a dead tree. It's one of several outdoor installations around the National Gallery. It is by a sculptor named Roxy Paine, and is titled 100 Foot Line.

Nepean Point is topped with this statue of Champlain, looking west.

This view is taken from across the Gallery, with Sussex Drive between me and the property. The giant Louise Bourgeois spider, otherwise called Maman, makes a good contrast with Parliament Hill.

I was sitting on a bench outside Notre Dame Basilica when I took that above shot. I glanced up above me at the facade of the church and took this shot. The angle reminds me of something Luis would do.


  1. Lovely views and clouds, William, and your header is stunning!

  2. Nice photos of the city giving great views

  3. I love the wide view in the first photos.

  4. Nice pictures of the skies and the clouds.

  5. love the awesome clouds. curious how you didn't get drunk on the last shot, that is some major heights. ha. ha!! ( :

  6. Such beautiful pictures! The sculpture looks interesting :-)
    Happy Friday!

  7. Beautiful views! Those clouds are fantastic.

  8. @Linda: thanks!

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Bill: the Point is one of my favourite spots.

    @Marleen: so do I.

    @Marianne: thanks!

    @Beth: it's quite a building.

    @Tamago: thank you.

  9. Beautiful views, William !
    Every single photo of this series has very attractive clouds.

  10. A little gloomy, but striking images.

    Beautiful header!

  11. Excelentes e belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e bom fim-de-semana.

  12. Your Ottawa River is a little like my Swan River 😊 super sculptures. Happy weekend William.

  13. I love those clouds. There is a sense that autumn is near.

  14. Visually that's a very busy area. There's lots to see.

  15. Wow your clouds were spectacular that day.
    I like your last picture. Looks like steam coming out of top window. Loved how you had it turned your camera.

  16. @Halcyon: thanks!

    @Karl: it was quite a day for dramatic clouds, I think.

    @Tex: they were.

    @Norma: thanks!

    @Francisco: thank you.

    @Sharon: it certainly was.

    @Grace: I have a great fondness for the river.

    @Lauren: autumn seems to be coming early. I've seen fall colours. It might have to do with how much of a drought we've had this summer.

    @Red: there really is a lot.

    @Carolann: thank you!

  17. Beautiful sweeping skies. The light of autumn is a delight.

  18. The views and the clouds make a nice pair.

  19. Great photos and if I haven't mentioned it on my last visit as I meant to, I really like your new header shot. The sculpture of the tree interested me when you mentioned Roxy Paine. We have one of his trees in Washington DC which you can see here:

    There is a spider sculpture also by Louise Bourgeois in DC. You can see that one here.

    Both in the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Art.

  20. Such big skies in these pics, William!

  21. Love the clouds and silhouette. That last photo is very dramatic.


  22. @ODP: thanks!

    @Bill: they do, yes.

    @Denise: thank you for those links. I knew Bourgeois had other spiders out there. I've got something coming up over the weekend that also has a counterpart in DC.

    @RedPat: very big skies!

    @Janis: thank you!

  23. Nice clouds. I wonder what they portend.

  24. Love that last angled shot! The 100 foot line sculpture does nothing for me, but the huge spider is fun.

  25. Your photos always remind me that we ought to visit Ottawa, now that our healthcare appointments have slowed down!

  26. @Revrunner: in this case, no rain.

    @Mari: the spider still gives some people nightmares.

    @Whisk: so did I.

    @Jennifer: it's not that far off for you.

  27. These are beautiful views. The sky is a particularly beautiful backdrop.