Saturday, September 10, 2016

Places Of Worship

In early August, I had errands to run down in the Hogs Back area one evening. Over the next few posts, I'll be showing images from the area. Today I'm starting with three places of worship, each within five minutes walk of each other. The first is fully titled Dormition of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church. It's a large, modern church very closely tied to the Greek community here in Ottawa. The church is ground zero for a Greek festival held here in mid August, and there is a community center on the site as well catering to the local Greek population.

The church has a neighbour across the large parking lot- a synagogue, Temple Israel. It's a Jewish Reform congregation with a reputation for social activism and interfaith dialogue. Its roots date to the 1960s, but the current synagogue is from the 1970s here on Prince Of Wales Drive. It's another modern looking building, and I did like that graceful arch around the entrance.

Up the street is another church, Rideauview Bible Chapel. It's a non denominational church, and the current building dates to 1967.


  1. Nice to see the different churches, William. Interesting architecture. I especially like the design of the last one.

  2. I too like the last building. Have a happy weekend!

  3. The churches are very attractive, each so different from each other. I do like the last one too. I got married in a non denominational church.

  4. So many interesting church designs. Love the curved facade on the Greek church but the last church design has an appealing, cosy cottage feel about it.

  5. I love that the different faiths are so close to each other.

  6. That last one has some interesting architecture.

  7. i like the 'stronghold' feel of several of these. like the windows in the last.

  8. @Linda: as do I.

    @Whisk: thanks.

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Bill: it's a curious cultural mix.

    @Gemma: that is a case where Sixties architecture got it right.

    @Debs: and there is yet another one nearby that I will show tomorrow.

    @Sharon: it does.

    @Tex: I wonder what they look like from inside.

  9. William, let me a flashlight to see the churches. (Just kidding).


  10. What a contrast in buildings and religions. I find the orthodox services fascinating. Greek festivals are great, too.


  11. So many churches, so many religions.

  12. It's so nice to see those places of different religions are built near each other.

  13. Each one is so different from the other! I quite like the last one! It is very 60s!

  14. Lindos templos com uma arquitetura diferenciada o que os deixa bem originais
    Um bom final de semana William
    Um abraço

  15. @Tomas: hah!

    @Janis: I should go down next year for the Greek fest.

    @Marianne: indeed.

    @Tamago: and one more tomorrow.

    @RedPat: it is, but in a good way.

    @Gracita: thanks!

  16. Alway like it when the Greek Orthodox Church here nearby throws one of its Greek Festivals. All the pastries come out! :-)

  17. It looks like these congregations are alive and well and serving their community.

  18. I wish the picture with the arch would have had more lighting.

  19. What a nice series! One wonders what will happen to these places of worship over the years. The Greek Festival is such a fun one!

  20. @Revrunner: I'll have to drop by this one next year. I know it's a big celebration.

    @Red: I think so, particularly the Greek church.

    @Mari: unfortunately late in the day, one can't always get that. I imagine with light coming from the south it would be quite different.

    @Norma: indeed.

    @Jennifer: I know the Greek church seems quite busy, which is a good sign. Hopefully the same applies to the synagogue and the other church.

  21. A trio of very interesting buildings! Nice!

    1. I don't think I've been back along that stretch of road since. When I've gone down to Hogs Back, I've tended to stick to the bike paths, which are off to the east.