Saturday, September 24, 2016

To The Falls

Early this month, I went down to Hog's Back Falls one evening. I took the route by the Rideau Canal- in this first shot, we have a glimpse back at St. John The Baptist Ukranian Catholic Shrine, which I showed you earlier in the month. The second shot features the lockmaster station at the Hog's Back Locks.

Passing those locks brings us to Mooney's Bay, which is where the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal split for the last time on their routes through the city towards the Ottawa River.

The parkland around here is popular with the birds.

The reason for the river and canal going their separate ways? Two waterfalls on the river, one of which is here. Hog's Back Falls emerges from the spillway and into the ravine at this site. The area around it is parkland, well worth a visit on both sides. I have more from here over the next two days.


  1. I LOVE the waterfall pix! We have a big falls near me in Paterson that gets crazy after big rains--I love visiting. Thanks for the images. :D

  2. Impressive falls and rocks in the river.

  3. Beautiful lake view and waterfalls. Have a lovely day!

  4. Beautiful photos! I especially like the light in photos five and six.

  5. @Dea: I can never get tired of waterfalls.

    @Tomas: thanks!

    @Marianne: it is quite a place to visit.

    @Nancy: thank you!

    @Bill: it was good for a late day visit.

    @Marleen: definitely!

  6. I didn't see the connection between the falls and river when I visited. It makes more sense when you see this part.

  7. The falls look full and flush considering that you've just had summer William, did you get a lot of summer rains? Beautifully shown here.

  8. I love the waterfalls, William. I never get tired of them, either! :)

  9. You certainly live in a gorgeous area. Those last few photos remind me of Minnesota's North Shore. Love your new header, too!

  10. Pretty waterfalls. I love listening to them.

  11. always a fan of a waterfall, my fave is pic #3. ( ;
    have a super great weekend!

  12. Such a lovely waterfall, William!

  13. @Tex: that they are.

    @Orvokki: I agree!

    @Red: it's a bit of a way out from downtown, so if you're not familiar with the city as a visitor, it can be overlooked. I know it well, because generally speaking, I've always lived within a reasonable distance of it.

    @Grace: no, it's been a dry summer. The water flow is regulated, so there's always some flow to these falls, but I've seen it at higher rates.

    @Linda: they're a lovely thing to have close by.

    @Lowell: some of the topography would be similar- some stretches of the Canadian Shield reach down here, but that's a southern limit for that landscape.

    @Janey: so do I.

    @Beth: thanks!

    @RedPat: it really is.

  14. I love the movement in the waterfalls.


  15. The calm water is very serene. The waterfalls are so picturesque.

  16. Ducks! I love ducks! (And the photos are great, too!)

  17. @Revrunner: that they are.

    @Janis: so do I.

    @Whisk: thanks!

    @Catalyst: thank you.

    @Kay: I agree.

    @Linda: very much so.

    @Norma: aren't they cute?

  18. So many lovely evening views of the waters. And love the style of the little lockmaster's station.

  19. You have posted many times about the Rideau Canal. I still have a hard time piecing together all of it into an overall image of the canal and its environs.

  20. Nice falls! They are always so soothing to be around!

  21. Twould be interesting to compare high flow in peak season, and these low flow images!