Monday, September 19, 2016

Out Of Time

Apologies for the late post today- this is what I get for not double checking scheduled posts the day before.  A reminder to members of City Daily Photo: the theme day for October is Abandoned. And since I started this blog on the 19th of September back in 2013, today marks the end of three years of this photoblog, and the beginning of Year Four.

A number of you follow Linda's blog. She sent a period photograph to me a good while back, and this is it. This is Rideau Street in what appears to be the 1950s, at the intersection of  Mosgrove Street. That puzzled me at first- I've never heard of a Mosgrove Street. The Ogilvy's in the pic gave the location away. It was down the street, east from where this shot was taken, and things look quite different now. Mosgrove Street, as it turns out, was a short street that no longer exists, long since swallowed up by the Rideau Centre and the Bay. You can see past and present versions of the view north onto Mosgrove at that link.

This is the view east today, above where the intersection once stood, on the pedestrian bridge linking the Hudson's Bay store on the left to the Rideau Centre on the right. The Rideau Centre has had a large expansion recently opened, hence the very modern glass wall now standing where there was a parking lot. The old Ogilvy's building's facade has been incorporated into it.

Here's the view from the street.

Mosgrove Street would have ended where this glass wall is now- the Bay enveloped the street itself. The heart you see on the sidewalk was painted there around Canada Day.


  1. I absolutely love the black and white comparisons William, always have been fascinated by how things change over the years.

  2. I never knew that Ogilvy's had stores other than the Montreal one.
    Congrats on 3 years!

  3. I like the comparison between then and now.
    There was more traffic in the 50s than today...?

  4. I find period photos interesting. things change so much. I like the theme abandoned!

  5. Hi William, I love seeing how things were back then and how they are now! Awesome post, thank you so much for sharing!

  6. @Grace: as have I.

    @Jackie: as I understand it, this Ogilvy's was a different corporate entity, just a local store with no connection to the one in Montreal.

    @Karl: so it seems, though I did take these shots on weekend days.

    @Beth: very old style!

    @Red: a lot of things change. This street has radically changed since then.

    @Norma: so do I.

    @Linda: you're welcome!

  7. Great comparison shots. I love seeing how things have changed over the years.

  8. Wonderful to see the comparison. Love the black and white photo.

  9. It has surprised me much not see his blog this morning, as every day.


  10. Nice to see how things have changed!

  11. It's always fun to see how places look compared to today. Those old buses are pretty cool. It interesting that when change occurs, we still manage to miss something.

  12. Valuable archaeology of the city in process, William

  13. I like seeing old photos like these, it's amazing to see how the world has changed.

  14. Still strikes me as a confusing traffic pattern.

  15. @Sharon: it's changed a lot.

    @Nancy: yes, it's quite a difference from then to now.

    @Tomas: I should have double checked yesterday to make sure the time was set up. I usually do that. Hopefully tomorrow's post isn't delayed in the blogger rolls for hours on end.

    @RedPat: some serious changes too.

    @Bill: it's been awhile since buses like that have been on the road.

    @Cloudia: every once in awhile I like to do that.

    @Marleen: it has changed in many ways.

    @Revrunner: a lot of that has to do with construction at this spot- there's to be an LRT station here opening up in 2018, so the street in this stretch is a bit chaotic.

  16. This is cool. When you look at Toronto Before to now. What a big difference.

    Toronto has more Apts and Condo's that they don't have the schools for all and enough jobs.And they keep building building. As in Toronto the old schools are full of mold. And they don't have the funds to prepare them properly. We are over populated. Where is this all coming too. Like you say. More modern and very expensive to the average person to live with little money for families.

  17. I always enjoy then and now picture comparisons.

  18. Quite a difference. I must say I am so happy not to live in a huge city like that.

  19. Aren't the old and current photos neat? Well done!

  20. I love then and now photo posts :)

  21. Wow! Stunning differences and a very interesting post!
    Congratulations on three years! Good for you! Here's to a great upcoming fourth.

  22. Nice to see early-and-now -photos. There is very huge difference.

  23. It is interesting to see the old picture and compare them.

  24. Three years! Hey! Congratulations.

  25. Linda sent you a great photo. Love seeing the new as well.

  26. @Carolann: time changes all things.

    @Janey: these were good comparisons.

    @Mari: I love living here.

    @Jennifer: thank you!

    @Debs: so do I.

    @Kay: thanks!

    @Orvokki: there is.

    @Linda: that is true.

    @Jack: thanks!

    @Whisk: I do too.