Monday, September 5, 2016

Through The Canal Locks

One weekend day I was passing through the terrace by the Chateau Laurier on my way over to Major's Hill Park. I decided to photograph boats in one of the locks of the Rideau Canal. The largest of these boats, I noted, came all the way from Florida.The lock master station is the building seen in more of these shots, while the Bytown Museum appears in the final shot.


  1. Great series, William! I love themes like this! :)

  2. Neat! I like seeing locks but I imagine they can make travel rather slow.

  3. I would be interested to see and take shots of the boats too! Have a beautiful day!

  4. We also have a big channel on the eastern border. But I've never been in it.
    It seems to always be an interesting one and I think that the movement in the channel is also exciting. Your photos are lovely.

  5. I've been there a few times. It's fun to see what arrives.

  6. I would enjoy watching the boats go through the locks. An interesting perspective and excellent photos William.

  7. Looks like a busy day on the Rideau canal William! I wish we had canals here, I enjoyed watching the process when in Europe.

  8. Some very nice boats in that canal. We do have a lot of boats in Florida so it's not surprising that one of them made it up your way. :) I love boats so enjoyed these photos very much.

  9. Both roads and water are busy spots this weekend. Hope you stay safe!

  10. That would be a great school project, to chart where the boats that pass through the canal come from. Great photos, William.


  11. Drowning up in Illinois right on the Mississippi River, watching the barges go through the locks was a favorite family pass time. It is certainly an interesting process.

  12. Locks are fascinating for this prairie boy and I would sit by the canal and watch. I see other people feel the same and are watching from the sidelines.

  13. @Linda: thanks!

    @Linda: the crews do keep things working quickly.

    @Nancy: thank you.

    @Orvokki: thank you.

    @Karl: thanks!

    @Deb: it is, yes.

    @Bill: thank you.

    @Grace: it is an enjoyable experience.

    @Lowell: some travel a lot.

    @Jennifer: thanks!

    @Jackie: thank you.

    @Janis: it would be.

    @Sharon: I like watching it.

    @Red: it does draw attention.

    @Norma: very cool!

  14. Fun to watch. As kids we used to go to the big locks in Seattle just to watch. Fun to see the big boats and the little guys to jockeying for position.

  15. I always enjoy watching locks at work!

  16. There are some impressive boats to see in the lock.

  17. A wonderful memory of my teen years: traversing from Ottawa to Montreal on the canal! That last modern lock is a DOOZY! I loved these photos, William. Thanks

  18. Wow. The lock looks like a busy place. Love the different boat styles.

  19. Boating days are numbered! One of these days I must visit the Seattle locks again. It's been a long, long time.
    (I'm taking a brief break from blogging though I'll have posts up in my absence. "See" you when I get back!)

  20. @MB: it is enjoyable to watch.

    @RedPat: it seems a good way to travel.

    @Marleen: and quite well organized, too.

    @Marianne: and some money in those boats too!

    @Cloudia: that's a good memory to have. And there are a lot of locks here!

    @Gemma: it's very busy in summer. Soon the season will be ending.

    @Kay: have a good break!

  21. bright and shiny boats. nice!! when does a boat become a yacht? size i guess??! ( ;