Monday, October 3, 2016

Churches Within The Neighbourhood

Here are two churches within New Edinburgh, both on the same street. MacKay United Church is the first, founded in 1875 by a grandson of Thomas McKay as a Presbyterian church. The current building, in the Romanesque Revival style, was built from 1909-10. It was merged into the United Church in later years.

Walking up the street took me past this lovely flower.

This other church I've shown before, on the same street. St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church is the official place of worship for Canadian governors-general, as Rideau Hall is across the road. It serves as the regimental chapel for the Governor-General's Foot Guards. It was founded in 1867, with the building erected by the following year.


  1. I like the angles and details in your photos, William, and the flower is beautiful!

  2. Two very different churches William.. I seem to remember seeing a few streets in Perth with more than one church.. all those churches and the world's still a mess.. go figure!

  3. Nice little old church which would not look out of place here in the UK

  4. The second church is a beautiful old building.

  5. Church architecture is so interesting! Still waiting to get back to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona!


  6. some pretty place. like the 3 doors.

  7. @Linda: thanks.

    @Grace: they both look distinctive.

    @Bill: both would fit in there.

    @Marleen: I agree.

    @Janis: that is a church I would love to see.

    @Tomas: yes they are.

  8. Igrejas lindas com uma arquitetura magnífica
    Uma ótima semana

  9. Both churches have their charm. I like the three large doors on the first church.

  10. I so envy you these great stone church buildings. They are pretty much non-existent in Florida. The Anglican church is most interesting, though.

  11. always enjoy decorative windows & stain glass. ( ;

  12. These old churches have a quiet peaceful ambiance. I wonder if the modern churches today will make us feel peaceful.

  13. @Tex: the three doors isn't surprising. I remember chatting with someone at another church about architecture, and she mentioned that numbers often appear in church decor and architecture, such as three for trinity, five for the first five books of the Bible, four for the Gospels, or twelve for the disciples. It goes back to the days when many were illiterate, but could count, and numbers would serve as reminders of those aspects of their beliefs.

    @Gracita: thank you!

    @Bill: it's a good entrance.

    @Lowell: the styles of architecture are quite common here- plus I imagine having a lot of that stone around helped.

    @Beth: I do as well.

    @Red: I find I prefer older churches. Mega churches that are being built these days I find to be quite off putting.

  14. The building of the church are really masterpieces and the windows are beautiful in those old Churches.

    In my blog. The lady I had chosen was from a magazine that is why it may of been familiar.

  15. Love the church architecture, and your header is stunning!

  16. I still think you should do a book of your church photos!

  17. Beautiful churches. Yeah do a blog about churches. there seem to be a lot around you. I used to have a church blog called 'Holy Houses'. Might still out there somewhere.

  18. @Carolann: these two were well built.

    @Linda: thanks! I've got a comparison shot for the header coming up in the next couple of days.

    @Norma: that is a good idea.

    @MB: we do have a lot of churches. Especially in Gothic styles.

    @RedPat: so do I.

  19. I love looking at the old church buildings. Thanks, William.

  20. Each church is beautiful in its own right. Two fine structures.

  21. Nice churches! I love the roofline of the second one.

  22. Quite a contrast between the two, but both are beautiful and historic. Nice photos William!

  23. I like Saint Bartholomew's best with what I assume is its slate roof. Churches are so hard to photograph particularly when they have high spires and not enough distance in front.

  24. @Mari: you're welcome.

    @Denise: they are!

    @Kay: definitely.

    @Catalyst: especially inside. I've never been in the first one.

    @Linda: so do I.

    @LDP: this one is more down to scale.

    @Beth: I think so!

    @Jennifer: indeed!