Monday, October 31, 2016

The Living Dead March On Parliament Hill

I thought of posting these in two separate posts today, but figured one photo-heavy post would be better, as both subjects are right for today. These Hallowe'en decorations are outside of a house in Centretown. I took the shots a few days ago.

The Zombie Walk is an annual tradition in early October. People who love the zombie genre get themselves all zombiefied and march (zombie style) up to Parliament Hill. I came across the event after much of it was done, but there were still some of the participants on and around the Hill. 


  1. I think the thing that would scare me is that snake!

  2. Some people go all out for Halloween.
    I think I remember the Zombie Walk from last year. Very creepy!

  3. This continues to keep the story alive.


  4. Brilliant photos of the event. Think you hit the nail on the head, there are lots of dead & zombies at parliment

  5. some folks really get into things. :)

  6. A lot of celebration going on there. Some very cool and creepy characters.

  7. Spooky and appropriate this Halloween morning. Never understood this Zombie craze.

  8. @Linda: thanks!

    @Linda: "snakes... why'd it have to be snakes?"

    @Kay: yes, it is an annual thing.

    @Tomas: indeed.

    @Summer: definitely.

    @Bill: and many of them are politicians!

    @Tex: there is a lot of interest in the genre.

    @Bill: very creepy!

    @Janey: I don't either, but it makes for good photo ops.

  9. Goodness everyone really gets into it William.. Halloween is almost over here, I'm just finishing off the lollies left in the bowl after all the little trick and treaters in my street 😀

  10. I miss decorating for Halloween. I do a jack o'lantern though. Love the zombie.

  11. Looks like your neighbors to the south aren't the only ones smitten with Halloween. It is even on the same day. Great pics.


  12. Wow, that is a lot of Halloween decorations. I wonder how they store all of that. Great Zombies too!

  13. @Grace: I expect I'll be home too late for trick or treaters.

    @Pat: these zombies really got in on the act!

    @Janis: yes, it is quite common here.

    @Red: thanks!

    @Sharon: they must have a basement!

  14. Wow! What a collection of photos and kooks. What is the fascination with the macabre? Great series, though, William!

    P.S. I think some of these folks work for da Trumpf

  15. Nice shots, William. I still don't understand anything of this strange party, but I will have to get used to it, I think, because it's coming to the Netherlands more and more ...

  16. Magnificas fotografias e belas decorações para o Halloween.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  17. Wow, spooky decorations and scary zombies! Their make-up looks very professional!

  18. Very cool! Halloween is getting bigger and bigger in Europe. We're already out of candy!

  19. Our Capitol Hill looks like this all the time...but even the spooks will leave if Trump is elected!

  20. @Lowell: there's a lot of macabre out there!

    @Beth: definitely!

    @Jan: it's very much a tradition here.

    @Francisco: thanks!

    @Tamago: it does, yes.

    @RedPat: oh yes it is.

    @Cloudia: thank you!

    @Halcyon: I'm never home in time for trick or treaters.

    @Norma: hah!

  21. I've never understood the zombie fad. Guess maybe I'm getting too old!

  22. Great decorations and costumes. The zombie craze has me baffled too. Now people freak out over clowns too. Red Skelton would be horrified.

  23. Wow! That's a great entrance for a haunted house setting! My niece loved participating in the zombie walk when she was at Carleton. I think it was the highlight of her university years.

  24. These are fantastic! I'm glad you posted them all.

  25. Great series of Halloween photos here.

  26. Wau and wau,,, what a magnificent photos !!!!

  27. @Revrunner: imagine an event like this on Capitol Hill.

    @Catalyst: I'm not fond of the zombie genre, but they are good for the photographer!

    @Mari: clowns are evil!

    @Wendy: I wish they'd do it again.

    @Lois: thank you!

    @Stefan: thanks!

    @Orvokki: thank you.

    @Gunn: me too.

    @Jennifer: definitely!